How are players chosen in a tournament

I am not great at the multiplayer RTS scene with a low elo around 800. I was a bit curious on how players are chosen in tournaments like Hidden Cup IV

invitations to players worthy of seeding, who would simply win the qualifiers

then, qualifier stages that are either limited to elo, tournament results, or both.

tournaments are rarely run directly by Microsoft and as such there is no standard procedure. but that’s how HC IV players got slots.

It is pretty much depending on the kind of tournament. Hidden Cup IV is really for the pros (More details are already explained), but some discords also organize tournaments for there discord servers. Those tournaments will have other tournament settings, which include rules about how to join the tournament.

"Our eight invited players are the ones that showed the best performance in Hidden Cup 3 - they are:


They will later be joined by the eight best players from the single-elimination qualification stage. The qualification stage will have 64 available spots to allow a broad array of players a chance to enter the main event."

“Hidden Cup 4 has 64 Qualification spots available for players to sign-up for. After the sign-ups are closed the players will be ranked according to their highest rating achieved on the AoE2 DE 1v1 ladder at the end of signups.”

Right? Where was my invite T90??