How are post match points gain/loss determined?

Hi all,

Question regarding points and divisions. I play a lot of team games with friends. Currently I am Conqueror I with 1459 points. These points correspond with my current rating according to aoe4world. My friend is Diamond I with 1291 points.

We get notably different scores when we win or lose a game. Expected is that I gain relative few points compared to my friend (or lose some more when we are defeated). This because I’m already a higher rank and I should be rewarded less for beating enemies below my skill level whereas my friend should be rewarded extra for beating enemies above his skill level. Of course enemies may vary but the concept of this stays in place.

However: the opposite is true. Last game I gained +25 points. My friend gained +21 points. I’d expect the opposite to be true. And this game was not an outlier. When we lost a game I lost 24 points. He lost 29 points. Another friend, currently at 1304 point lost a whopping 34 points in a 2on2 match where I only lost 26. Our last win he gained 14 points, I gained a whopping 22.

This makes zero sense to me. How does the system determine how points are attributed to each player? It nearly looks like it also takes quick match ranking into account or something. But that would be highly odd (and widely open the door to abuse the system by tanking ELO is a specific type). And even if that would be the case: after 100 games this effect should have been levelled. So even if there is a hidden ELO in the background (but why?) it doesn’t seem to level/update at all as more game data is entered into the machine for points calculation.

Anyone knows more on this? I’m perfectly fine with getting a lot of points for winning and losing only a few when losing, but to my friends it can be frustrating they need 3 wins to offset 1 loss.

TLDR: This point system makes no sense. I’m 1450 points or so. Friend is 1300 or so. We win a 2v2 ranked game. He gets +13. I get +22. No clue how that is possible. Anyone knows why? We have played hundreds of games together.


I think the points gained and lost relate to the difference between your rank points and your elo, though it isn’t clear to me exactly how it works. I know for certain that when your rank points are below your elo, you will gain more for a win than you lose for a loss, i.e. with a 50% win rate your rank points will gradually catch up to your elo. For me solo queuing 2v2 that has certainly been the case, my rank points were 320 points below my ELO after 8 games, and 6 games later the gap had reduced to 240 points.

However, I’ve seen players with fewer games played who had an elo basically the same as their rank points, and also players with rank points a lot higher than their elo.

I think it might be possible to gain more rank points relative to elo by playing multiple modes of 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4, because you only have one rank points number, but different elos for each mode. The player I saw with high rank points relative to elo had played quite a lot of games in all modes.

I also have a suspicion that it does take quick match elo into account when someone plays their first ranked games.

How it incorporates the elos and rank points of both players when playing as a pre-made team, I have no idea. It’s not easy to track with a spreadsheet because ao4world can be a bit slow to update after a game, so you’d have to wait for the elo to update for both of you before queuing the next game so you can record how it changes each game. Rank points are easy to track, of course, because the game correctly gives you that information.