How are we supposed to play in a map like this? (New Arábia)

I’ll let these images speak for themselves:


Just look how FAR AWAY these treelines generated. If you look at the minimap (last picture) you can clearly see that all the other players have trees near the base, except for cyan (which was my ally). We actually managed to pull up a miracle and win this game. Yet, if we had a little higher ELO adversaries, that would be impossible given such a map generation. All of the adversaries had regular maps with closer treelines. Please fix this ASAP, this is not the first time it happened. This is NOT fair at all.


This is clearly issue with TG arabia however 1vs1 is also trash.


I confirm this type of generation is not anecdotal. I would say 1 out of 5 team games one player gets unfair wood like this or at least to the point that they have to delay lumber camp.


That’s a bug where your forest is generated outside of the map not a problem with arabia themself, probably will be fixed next patch.

Thank you everyone for the feedback in this thread but also in others, we’re working on improvements to the Arabia map for a future update and will keep observing feedback (even if there’s no dev reply in the thread).


you literally have woodlines in the back of your base to the right where your ally can also team wall with you. If you were unable to spot these safe woodlines, it’s really your fault, no need to blame the map.

Furthermore, the way you walled your base is absolutely awful and makes me think that you are like a 900-1000 player at best in 1v1 RM, so basically you still have a ton to learn and I gotta ask, what makes you think you have a clue about balancing at that point.

Also, when people say “Arabia is bad”, what you posted is NOT what they mean. The open-ness of the map is actually great, the main problem is the lack of woodlines in the middle (irrelevant in team games as you can see since you do get plenty, it’s mostly a 1v1 issue and here mapgen differs a lot between 1v1 and 4v4), and the fact that around the desert middle are huge hills. Which basically means that whoever gets a Castle on a hill up first and hits Imp tends to win the game because of the dmg reduction due to hill bonus. It wouldn’t be too bad if some games were like this, but currently every game at high level on Arabia is like that, with 2 Castles facing each other and 2 blobs of whatever unit the players made and Hussars raiding on the sides. Basically it plays out like Arena but with a bit of Hussar raiding, and people find that boring.

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Lol you are so out of touch with reality that I will consider you just woke up. Just go and search for any of our names in, we are all 14++ to 17++. Whenever someone critizeses something that is clearly wrong and you don’t agree you just asume the person is a noob?

Anyways, you are wrong again because the new arabia is supposed to generate 3 treelines near your base, just go read the last patch notes. You can clearly see that pattern in all other bases. Besides, the woodline far in the back are clearly extra woodlines, which you probably wouldnt explore in early game in order to get intel from your enemies’ bases. But I’ll guess your’e a 800-900 for not knowing that.

If you’re so annoyed by 1v1 arabia, pls just make your own post on that topic, just don’t go out assuming other ppls elos just because you don’t care about their issue.

By the way, I am blue (Tomahawk), cyan is my friend who is actually 16++.


LAMO that guy really thought that he’s a pro. This map is absolutely having problem and he still thinks it’s player issue, hahahahahaha it’s really funny that this forum is full of these xxxx that always trying to talk like a pro but in fact they are just totally bullshitting.


I’ve seen many ppl like him, dudes just don’t like other opinions and start spiting about ELO.


Don’t play arabia, it’s horrendous map (well to be fair, it’s not the map it’s the people who plays it) with always the same civs and positions ever since DE was released.

Hello freedom of speech!

Seriously, if you really want a fair map, aoe 2 is not your game; indeed it’s called starcraft


man, no, it’s important to know the elo.
You can clearly see this guy elo wont be higher than you by the things he said.
it’s just totally not logical.


It’s much more important to stop the obsession with this elo, it’s very boring…

Not every player which have different opinion than you are casual, you don’t have the absolute knowledge.


yes you are right I dont have the absolute knowledge

You know why there’s endless argument from you and others in different threads?
Because people won’t given up their preference or opinion and everyone thinks they know things.
The guy above is a perfect example that an experience player or a pro would never say that map is absolutely fine. This makes me feel disgusting why there are so many people here trying to make the argument just because they like to against others or look down on others.

You never willing to let me know your elo and to be honest, if your elo is higher than me or close to me, well, I will tend to think about what I have missed or the point I might not understand.
and if you are far away from my elo, I will never waste time to argue with you anymore to save my time.

Please be reminded that I only consider elo when talking about the meta, game strategy, game fairness.
To those personal preference like map pool stuff, map choices, bug stuff, I have never asked someone’s elo because it’s totally not related.


It’s your opinion of course but i found it very bad to think like that :confused: it’s better to judge other people’s opinion by thinking to it, rather than the guy which make it :confused:
I don’t judge you but really don’t think at all that’s the correct way to it.

And now if i said again that the new arabia is good but need some changement at least for wood always in the back and third gold, will you just accept that because of elo ? I sincerely hope not, please just think about it , look other one games and try yourself both aspect of the game , you will see that this arabia is not as bad as you think, ofc the current arabia is not at all perfect but definetely better than the old one (compare runestones’s and arabia gameplay in previous map pool to see it).
Elo is a good way to know someone’s skill but not the better i have seen a lot of way higher elo especially on voobly’s time that don’t know anything in the game outside of arabia huns war for example.

PS : my english is not the best as you can see ^^

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alright, now you are willing to let me know your elo, that’s a good start.
At least now I know you are one of the pros and I might be the wrong one about the strategy things on the new map.

To me personally, I am a Calvary player who like to play mongols. and by this New Arabia map I am kind of easy to reach 1700 elo because archer civ is harder to full wall and go to imp directly now. Which is a good start. I absolutely agree Arabia should not be a full wall game, it should be a map that allow different strategy available.

However, and this is the most important one, is that I consider very heavily on “fairness”.
I dont think the current Arabia setting bringing out a fairness which I believe you saw my points already in other threads. TC locations (edge vs non edge), resources location (I saw many games that a player resources are mostly not outside) etc, high land issues (I saw a game that a player wont even able to place any TC near his 1st/2nd gold and stone).
And also, I had few games I just dropped the castle blocking the gold and stone (when all of his gold and stone are outside), opponents immediately resigned, this kind of play I admitted, is too powerful. Which I think it’s not right.

Few months ago, I started to raise out the voice here against smurf, against solo players vs duo teams in TG. I dont like people doing laming, it’s all about fairness.
This might be personal preference, I thought I would be a majority supporting a “fairness” and competitive game but I found out that people here they dont really care about fair or not.


Yes, it happens and in this style of map you should get the control map outside of your base by playing agressive at least until the control map is for you.
If you’ve got a very good map with berry gold etc in your back you can play defensive, the thing that make me bored of the old arabia is the fact that you can do the exact same stategy all the time. With this unfairness that you said you are dependant of your map to know how to play it and that’s a good thing, AOE2 is a stategic game so need to adapt and react rather than just copy paste any bo by hera or any other one and make it the more optimale possible and doing the exact same thing.
Yes sometimes map are unfair and tends to give one player more chance to win but when it’s possible to react to it and don’'t get loose by minute 0 it’s fine at least for me.

Also the third gold being an extra gold not helping at all the defensive gameplay so bringing it more closer to the tc would help this type of gameplay.

I would like to ^^ but 19x is not pro at all, you need to get way higher to be called a pro, you can call a 19x a good player but that’s all i think
Yes i think also a 800 elo have not enough game’s knowledge to judge about game’s balance but i don’t think he is unable to say his opinion about arabia or anything as long as he is open to discussion and accept himself to lacking some knowledge rather than just keep his opinion no matter what.
As for the screenshot provided, yes it’s a bug of the map which is well know so yes it’s not a problem with player’s reactions so yes it requires changes, but the spirit of the map himself is not bad, that’s my point and the way how i judge this arabia and find it good.

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Yes, I agreed the previous map is kind of boring, everyone do the full wall no matter playing archers or SCs.

At least now I know what’s the difference between you and me on this map, is personal preference.
I put “fairness” as my first priority.
and you prefer “variety”.

But I would kind of insist of my perference as I dont really find glory of winning a game of opponent having bad maps.
like the TC locations, I would rather prefer 2 TC locations are far from the edge in every game rather than one is easier walling while the other is not.

Especially I think map is a natural thing that cannot be controlled by players, it should always try to be fair. It’s alright to make it bit random so people need to adapt, but current setting, the unfairness gap is too huge.

By getting tc far from the edge, walling is hardest ofc but also you’ve got more space to farm and make building also, i hate playing defensive while getting my tc near the edge for this exact reason you cannot have any space very quickly so you also need to control more spaces to expand yourself.

I respect it it’s a good argument in defavor of the new arabia.

Ah thanks, i’ve seen a lot of people saying the total opposite here 11 saying that old arabia was more diversified by making the new only 1tc all or full feudal which is clearly not true.

Well that’s not true ofc. I saw some people exaggerating a bit to make a point but maybe there was one who claimed that. Thing is, we occasionally have full feudal games or games that end in early feudal because of simple mistakes. I think it’s a bit too much for arabia how often this occurs.

But the main critic is that the variety of gameplay has been reduced dramatically since the dotd, as now some strategies are often way stronger than they used to be. Like for example pressure through the middle, as it is naturally harder to defend against this with the attacker taking the hill and way easier to defend against pressure from the outside or midgame raids as there are way more woodlines now that can be used to wall the agression out.
This is btw also already mentioned by several pros like viper or hera, that the new arabia is too repetitive in their eyes, it has way less variety in gameplay than the predecessor.

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That’s exactly for these reason that wood shouldn’t be all the time in backside of players. arabia being more open and with more hills is a good thing as it allow more action in feudal and early castle and make passive play not the best.

Imagine this arabia with wood not always in the back and third gold not an extra one anymore ?

Again i never said that this arabia is perfect but the old one is clearly not also, a current arabia whith theses changes or if you prefer old one with ressources not anymore as close to the tc as it was and especially with hills should be a very good arabia with variety in the gameplay.

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