How are your hotkeys set up? Any tips and tricks?

I game on a TKL keyboard so have to use the numbers row. I mapped control groups 6-9 to F1-F4 instead and use them for buildings. Control group 0 is set to ~ and used for the main TC.

Look forward to hearing how others’ set ups are. Anyone use mouse buttons for anything?

I use the standard grid plus the following modifications
Space: Main Army
Caps: Scout/Cavalry
Y: Ranged siege units
B: Select all Military buildings
N: Select all Economic buildings
M: Select all Research buildings
Mouse button 1: Ctrl (easier to make control groups)
Mouse button 2: Select all idle villagers
Mouse button 3: Select whole army (if I lose track of units)
Mouse button 4: Center on current selection.
Mouse wheel up: Tab
Mouse wheel down: Reverse Tab

I have also set the “Find and Select units and buildings” option to select only so that I can macro without losing the current screen.

Interesting set up. So you don’t zoom in/out ever?

Not since beta. Zooming in/out during a game seems pointless to me? Like you waste your time managing the zoom level instead of managing your macro and units.

I thought about using the zoom buttons for something else myself but didn’t know if I’d be missing out on anything.

Too bad Logitech Options won’t let me map the scroll wheel to something else and the game doesn’t let you either though.

Is there any way to map barracks, stables and archery ranges to individual hot keys?

I have one general tip. Move all your hotkeys to the right side of the keyboard so you are able to press Ctrl and Shift with the thumb. Super convenient!

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Doesn’t that make control groups more difficult?

Why? Use 7,8,9,0,-,= for control groups

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Sadly no, however you can select all military buildings and shift click them (or double click if all on same screen) and assign them manually to a control group in game.

Hmm, maybe you’re on to something.

Well I just tried your recommendation and it’s way better. Love it. Using my pinky for CTRL/SHIFT was becoming painful.

Ah right. That’s what I’ve been doing. For me 2 is TC (when multiple), 3 barracks, 4 stables, 5 archery ranges, 6 seige workshops, 7 monasteries. Which leaves just 8,9,0,1 for military groups. I’m trying to learn and practise military tactics in co-op games, and I’m finding 4 military unit control groups limiting. Ideally I’d like to free up 3,4,5,6 too so that I can get more precise with my military.

There’s a dedicated hotkey for the main TC and another one to cycle. Using a hotkey for the TC feels like a waste.

I like to have multiple TC on one hotkey to make it quicker to spawn villagers.

Mouse special button: select all of my TCs
Q: all military buildings
W: research
SPACE: produce villagers (instead of Q)
C: idle villagers

Group 1 : all army
Group 2 : frontline
Group 3 : ranged units
Group 4 : springalds and cannons (rams at early wins)
Group 5 : mangonels
Group 6 : flankers
Group 7 : heal and villagers for repair in combat