How aztecs werent the most played civ in TAD?

Nerfing them patch after patch give me the impression that they have been unstopable these 15y since War Chiefs expansion, so there should be tons of aztec players in the wild, like otto or Japanese ones.

In DE’s first months their buffs were to fix the mess with explorer’s ability lost (and not be able to build stone walls or use BBs at max pop) and focused on treaty (aztec mining that added coin cost on top of the wood one)

So, since their units have been nerfed several times, WP train slower and fertility dance is weaker for villagers, Were they unstoppable for 15y?? How is not the most played one?

its not that aztec was unstoppable but that its always incredibly gimmicky

Aztec was actually top civ in early ESO but thats only for the top players who can micro and macro very well

For everyone else its either death rush, SK FI or the super explorer bug which people just dont want to play against and basically ignored people who played the civ

In the lobby system if people dont want to play against you the civ might as well not be played

I am pretty sure this is not true

edti: Like haud was very OP in TAD and there arent that many players for it

Otto and japan are played more cause they are easier to play imho


Lakota/Siux was unable to build walls, not aztecs.



It was a bug in DE launchment. There are always problems with aztecs

oh was thinking you are refereing to stuff that was in TAD

cause in TAD they definitely can build stone walls

But we get the same issue than ever. Or we have very bad players or very good ones as the civ needs a lot of skill.

In 1v1 an aztec player will be actually more skilled than other civ player. This happens with natives in general.