How bout a heads up to modders when releasing new builds?

Back in February a new build was released for DE and CBA was no longer playable because people kept crashing.

Recently an update affected scenarios making players unable to chat with one another.

How about a heads up when an update is released like “Hey guys, if you have any scenarios/mods that do X Y or Z, they are going to be affected by this update”


Data mods always get affected on all updates. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is called a bug. I bet they didnt even know about the bug. So i dont really think they could have warn us.

Also in the patch notes you can read what is changed. They already tell. The creator of the mod needs to act to the changes. I dont think it the the responsebility of the devs to have a look or mods are compatible with new patch.

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