How can a hotfix be 10gb?

I don’t know if this is AoE 4’s problem or Xbox’s app that does not have delta patching, but i find it hilarious and it really pains me that i’m gonna be unable to play the afternoon of any patch because of my slow internet speed, even when the patch is literally 4 lines of changes.
EDIT: A friend that has the game in steam (that has delta patching) just told me that the patch there is about 300mb. So the really ■■■■■■ Xbox app from microsoft is at fault and not the game. I’m really dissapointed now that I got the game on gamepass and not on steam.
Just wanted to vent.


Steam update was under 400mb

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Yes, a friend just told me. So it’s just another thing us gamepass users are going to suffer.

10 gigs for this Age of Empires IV — Patch 7989 - Age of Empires is quite a feat. They much be preloading future maps or media.

Not on gamepass, but also got both 300-400Mb+10Gb update.
At first I thought it was files checking, but no.

Came here to post exactly this. So is it a Xbox thing?

No. Steam either. 300-400 Mb + 10 Gb.

Well. Wasn’t a problem for me, just more time to wait. But still strange, while also this hotfix was too tiny for 10Gb.

Then they better drop a surprise faction tomorrow, no clue how a no-content hotfix can have DLC size o.O

Its to give us gamepassers time to come to the forums complain about the absurdity that is this hotfix.

On Steam it downloads around 400mb and edits 10GB of data, so definitely a GamePass thing, perhaps MS has no upgrade feature for files.


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guys, the total size is 10GB, but it includes some restructuring in the files. Therefore it was 10GB. The download itsself was only 367,4 MB as you can see here. As somebode already mentioned, it was finished in 1-2 minutes, therefore way too fast for 10 GB.


for some reason I can’t even start the update yet.

Why patch update does´nt appear in my xbox app? anyone with same problem? :confused:

That’s only if you’re fortunate to use steam. Xbox app doesn’t know how to patch files and has to download them again.