How can confront Rus 2TC and Age3 Rush with Knight,Bow,mindless Militia

first of all,its hard to rush a rus with Kremlin landmark,rus have 120% wood and bonus。
and if u defense rus use knight hit in age2 then go age3 together,u will suddendly face 30~40 pop Militia as tank with knight bow。

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Rus are fkn broken right now and the new patch didn’t improve it.
Devs have lost their mind, after making Malian Warrior scout fastest unit in game with big regen and have NOT learned from it.
In beta mongols had heavy cav age2 and it was removed because it’s BROKEN OP for Mongol.
Their civ is designed in a way, that they can NOT have heavy cav age2, you can’t balance it.
Now bring it back???
What the HELL are you thinking?
Make it also easier to spam early and get dbl training, 4 keshiks minute 5 is no problem at all.

HEAVY lifesteal unit with HIGH dmg and more spammable than knight age2?
Map monsters?
This is not league of legends!!!

I’m out, not gonna play aoe4 anymore, ## #### for real.
They haven’t learned from Malians and Beta Mongol, doing same ignorant mistake again.
I’ve really had enough.

Units still attack buildings before military units, pathing is terrible, NON of that is fixed.

People can’t start game anymore since this patch which took MULTIPLE MONTHS from last one.

I’m a long time aoe fan and started with aoe1 in my childhood.
This series is over for me now.
Sad but true.

Repost !!!
because my post was silently deleted.