How can I make a revolution as france

Dear AoE3 community,
as I wanted to play the new event for Aoe3 definitive Edition, I could not continue with the event. As it seems I can not make a revelution with france and any other nation in the IV age (as you can see in the atachmend). I dont know if there is an Option for it, but i could not find any clue or help, I searched with the steam function if there are any porblems with my Version and even reinstalled it but without success. If you now a salution for my problem, I would be very grateful

On the map menu, when choosing the game and the map, see if on the right you dont have restrictions on aging up.
If you have restriction to the Industrial Age, you cannot revolt. You must put Imperial age as last age.

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Thanks for the help,
even so I just checked it and I could go into imperial age, are there any other factors which could influence it?

If they had set an age limit the age V button would not show up. It clearly does in their screenshot.

Have you tried changing to classic UI??, maybe its a bug with that.

I tried it, but it also had no effect

I am also having this problem so if somebody manages to figure this out could they please let me know.

I emailed the AOE support team but they just said to come on here and ask for help so they wasn’t very helpful.

Not deathmatch?

Try classical mode, exploration age start, imperial start finishing. Make a screenshot from your setting on the map setup

I have just done a skirmish and the computer can revolt so its just not giving me the option like the other players screenshot

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