How can I make Fishing Ships build Fish Traps?

I wonder how to set my Fishing Ships to construct Fish Traps when there’re no other natural fish near.

I once used simply (build fishing-trap), but it didn’t work well but just made a Villager do it.

I guess there should be something associated to (set-strategic number) to assign the Fishing Ships to build them, is it right? And also there must be something about the distance to any natural fish.

Fish traps have nothing to do with natural fish. Basically, use the fishing ships to collect all of the natural fish. Once it’s exhausted, select the fishing ship, and there should be a button in the bottom left that should let you build a fish trap for 100 wood. Make sure to build them near your docks, because distance to natural fish is irrelevant, and placing them near your docks means that the fishing ships spend less time moving, and more time collecting fish. Just don’t place them in a way that they block off all the fishing ships. Basically, they are a water equivalent of farms that only takes 1 tile.

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Fish traps are like farms that fishing ships can build and gather food from when free fish run out

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Build the fish trap in any water tile that isn’t inhabited by fish. i know it’s counterintuitive but it’s how it works. Fish traps are meant to be used when you’ve depleted the natural fish spawns nearby, like farms once you start depleting your sheep, boar, deer, and fruit bushes. Also you want your fish traps close to your docks, but not before you’ve finished with the natural fish and explored well the sea because they’re very wood intensive to build and continuously refresh.

You guys misunderstand the question. This is a scripting/modding question related to how can he task a fishing ship to construct a fish trap.