How can I recover my progress once the game is reinstalled?

The game for some reason left me open, something that did not happen to me before, I tried several steam ways to solve the error but I could not so I decided to uninstall to reinstall it, installed I realized that I lost all my progress, my level of civilization , my decks, but what hurt me the most was the icons because I tried to get all the event missions are poorly translated into Spanish so it took me several to unlock them, the only thing that was returned to me was the US civ

The icons are tied to your Xbox account, you have to log in with your Xboy account for that.

The saved progress should be synchronised over steam. Maybe try closing the game and letting Steam sync the save games and than start the game again.
But this seems buggy and doesn’t work for everyone. My AoE2 savegames are not synced but my AoE3 ones are even though I have a lot more AoE3 savegames and scenarios.

I could already solve it, I had installed the beta that they put to test the new patches, basically another age 3de was installed.