How can I run the game in "true" Fullscreen?

I usually have bad performance problems with games that run in Borderless Window, but Fullscreen in AoE2: DE seems to be just that, and not excluse Fullscreen from what I’m experiencing.

I need some help here because I’m really getting dips in FPS when there are many buildings around.

I have the exact same dips and stutters in AoM and AoE:O if I use the Borderless Window mode, Fullscreen fixes this.

Is there some tweak so I can get true Fullscreen here? Please don’t tell me they basically force the terrible Borderless window mode…

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There is no option for exclusive fullscreen mode in Aoe2 DE. What the game’s options menu calls “Fullscreen” is indeed commonly called “Borderless Windowed” mode.

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That’s why the game stutters like mad.

They know this and tried to hide it by giving a fake name.


I wonder if there is any workaround to get better performance in the crappy Borderless Window mode…

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Given that this game has windows 10 as a minimum requirement and Microsoft has been phasing out fullscreen exclusive since the introduction of windows 10. (For example D3D12 doesn’t even support fullscreen exclusives anymore.) I see no hope of a solution for you.

Having said that, try turning off vsync.

Welcome to the future, old man.

Jokes aside, this seems to be what Fullscreen is becoming now, many more recent games just use a Borderless Window and call it fullscreen.