How can someone have over 200 pop like this?

4v4 co-op vs AI. I’m the yellow player, 200 pop. Orange is another human, playing Mongols, looks to be at 260 pop?

The system is bugged by double produce. It counts the 2 units as 1 in statistic.

Sorry wrong way. They count as 4 in statistic.

I just gave it a try. I played a game with just me in it, starting in imp with max resources. I placed the ovoo, placed stables around it, deleted the villagers, and filled my pop space with double produced lancers. I also made monks to get the sacred sites but deleted them once I had the sacred sites. It correctly showed me as having 200 pop in the post game stats.

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vehicles occupy twice the popcap as infantry also packed mongol buildings count to popcap
the graph extends to 372 on the y axis since popcap != num of entity squads,
50 x 4 = 200 , (200-50) x 4 = 600
62 x 4 = 248 , 600 - 248 = 372
basicly 5x4 = 20 but 4 5’s are only 4 1’s so still need to account for the other 11 or w/e


wouldn’t quote me on that though
like eazy e, I ain’t said sh**

I had a look at the replay. He wasn’t double producing military, he had a mass of production buildings that weren’t anywhere near anything else. He was using the White Stupa to faster produce sheep from pastures all around it. He made only mangudai and lancers, no siege.

I’m happy that he didn’t actually have over 200 pop. At 42 mins he had 176 pop, and if I select all military, it matches the 79 the game says he has at that point. The graph I posted shows him as having 250+ at that point, so it’s definitely just some issue with the graph not correctly reflecting the population the game shows while playing or replaying.

I’ve raised a support ticket with screenshots of the post-game stats and a point in time in the replay that shows a clear difference between the pop in the replay and the pop at that time on the post-game graph. I don’t know what is causing it, hopefully they can figure it out and fix it.