How canada would be in game?

canada only have 9 provinces for federal states or will have other mechanic ?
what is the uu for canada?
what bonus thery coud be ?

Simple answer: they won’t. Australia is more likely to be in game than Canada.

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Both aren’t worth being as official civs since they’re very late and barely have anything interesting compared to their natives, Maori and Cree.

I’d rather see a Brazilian civ than both Canadians and Australians as civs.


I agree, Haida and Cree would be much better representatives of the region. Canada would be a massive disappointment.


Canada should never ever become a full faction. That being said, they could make the Canadian revolution not a complete joke. The deck currently has only 8 cards, and nearly half of them are animals.


New Cards

Canadian Pacific Railway - Ships 2 trade post wagons and makes trade post upgrades free. This project is so important that Canada likely wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been completed.


Hudson Bay Company - Forts generate gold

Powder Magazine - Allows Forts to be detonated like Depots (was done to Fort York)

Immigrants cards should be available for all the new world revolutions. Canada could have the following:

Doukhobor Immigrants - Ships Russian settlers and a mill wagon. Gather rates on mills greatly increased (they were notable for the Doukhobor women pulling plows in the absence of Oxen).

Loyalist Immigrants - Ships a covered wagon and enables minutemen to be called repeatedly like the USA

Irish Immigrants - Same as the card USA has

Unique Unit: Mountie

The North-West Mounted Police (Mounties) originally served a more military role on the frontiers, manning the garrisons of forts like Fort Walsh.

They would essentially be re-skinned Carbine Cavalry but with some extra bonuses like a multiplier against outlaws (they’re police) and the ability to build some structures (building Trade Posts and Forts would make sense).

Some cards to ship and boost Mounties would also make sense.


This “mounties” could work as a simple comanchero re-skin with the bonuses you said. Or the Highlanders could cost 200 food, to make canada more unique. Fort spam are too important in revolts, but ship units forever like the way is now? Oh no.

The purpose of those bears?? To make carpets. OOHH CANADA!!

I’d actually skip the free trade posts and give a boost to trade post income. +25-50%/deposit or something like that. By Age 4, the trade posts are claimed already. You can easily get a settler or explorer there to build a new one. But, we’re in a revolution economy (ie no Age 5 +50% efficiency cards), so this would be intended to offset some of that.

Interesting concept!

You already get CdB. It’s hard to improve on their natural efficiency. And you don’t lose your villagers to revolt, so you don’t have to rapidly replace. I’m not sure these are needed.

A stronger dragoon would be helpful. And especially if you do the railway thing, having them make trade posts and forts is good synergy. Being able to control large areas of the map is thematic as well.

About the only other thing I’d think about is the wood economy with their 3 native allied civs. You’ll need them for extra punch vs Age 5 upgraded units, and they’re all wood expensive!