How could Arambai be buffed for Burmese?

More armour or more accuracy? I feel like they’re the most useless unit in the game.

I think in general Burmese could use a Siege Bonus.
This would indirectly also help Arambai Play.

Elite Arambai should get 1/3 base armor so they max out at 3/6 armor, Burmese anyway have really weak ranged units and Arambai should be the core of their ranged units.

I do not use them that much as I rarely use UU in general, but I rate them way above Teutonic knights. And they should not be that much worse than many other melee infantry UUs (like samurais, jaguars, sergeants). A mounted ranged UU costing no food shouldnt be that horrible on Arena. They are far, far worse than the S tier Mangudais and Conqs, but are still seen in competitive team games.

A civ designed around a quite weak archery range from castle age onward doesnt really need a great ranged unit.

If the civ needs a buff, I would rather go toward their pretty decent siege, their good monks (worst monks among the civs labeled “monk civ” btw, strictly worse than many non monk civs in post imperial) or their melee cavalry.

Perhaps just give Burmese Elephant Archers…nonchalant whistling


Lower their cost, to maybe 60w 55g. Their low accuracy + heavily nerfed base attack means you need a way bigger number to make them effective.


Burmese, Malays, and Khmers should have access to Elephant Archers.

Burmese can still keep their Cavalry Archers (maybe remove their Heavy CA upgrade), whereas Malays and Khmers should have CAs removed from their tech tree.

There’s already little point to Burmese having cavalry archers. Without the heavy upgrade they are 100% worthless.

No civ has both cavalry and elephant archers either way, so Burmese wouldn’t miss them.

Then in that case just give them Ele Archers and remove their CAs entirely, I’m fine with that.

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And that doesn’t means they need to have completely weak ranged options…
If Arambai were more durable in Imperial then there would be a reason to use them.

Not just that, but their ability to fight back against archers is poor. If only there was a tanky unit that Burmese have an armour bonus towards that could be made from the archery range…


I don’t see Arambai as bas as this thread is implying. Archer and skirmisher do counter them very hard but that’s in small number. After a big mass, they can fight back against archers. One thing always bothered me though. That is their speed. I don’t know the reason behind them being slower than knight. Maybe that’s the buff they can get.


I heard Arambai throwed toxicant darts, so it’ll may be interesting to give them toxic bonus. Arambai will be more calm but more unique with it.

“Units who get damage from Arambai get extra damage after being attacked (about 1hp per 5 secs). This toxic bonus damage can’t be overlapped and can be cured (removed) by healing more than 1hp (with monks, buildings, and some heal bonus).”


Exactly! I and a few others made posts about this. I think Howdah should give Elephant Archers +1 or +2 range in addition to the armor, which would essentially make up for the missing archer armor techs. The Burmese would be in the discussion as a genuine contender for having the best Elephant Archers (the current best are Dravidians hands down IMO), and this would be a great option for them.

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They have siege ranged options though. FU (simple) Onagers, Heavy scorpions, and bbc is pretty good to have.

And bracers skirms do the job fine when they have a hussar/halbs frontline.

There are reasons to use them though. On closed maps whete you castle early, they are a decent power unit. Late game they can follow cavalry to kill pikes and other melee units.

For balance reasons, I would expect such a hypothetical unit to cost a lot of food and not be cost efficient against skirms.

Since Burmese have a good early game bonus, I would rather try to make the scout into knights viable against archer play, and let Mangonels counter non Britons xbows and skirms, even when massed.

I think the effect of a UT comes in too late on open maps. And nin Britons xbows/arbalesters are too weak on closed maps to be a real threat.

I’d simply make them easier to mass up, by reducing their cost and/or creation time. Arambai reveal their power once they’re massed up anyway. If you have a mass of Arambai they’re like a mobile Onager.


A bit situational but still so much better than units like urumi swordsmen and teutonic knights. I think they should just get a cost reduction and a training time reduction.

I don’t agree with giving them the toxic or poison effect.

The use or application of poison on weapons was by no means unique to the Arambai or the Burmese, it had existed among many tropical and subtropical peoples around the world, especially those from Sub-Saharan Africa, South China and SE Asia, and Central and South America. According to historical records, certain tribes of South China (such as the Hmong and the Dong/Zhuang) as well as the Montagnard tribes of Central Vietnam (such as the Jarai and the Brao) were famed for their usage of poisoned crossbows. Many tribes in insular SE Asia (Jehai, Dayak, etc.) and in Central and South America (Mayans, Amazonians, etc.) were also known for their usage of poisoned blowguns. But the application of poison was not just limited to ranged weapons, poisoned spears and sabers were not unheard of either. Some South China tribes had poisoned sabers, and this practice seemed to have adopted by the Ming armies. It was recorded that during the Imjin War, a low-ranking samurai named Hisano Shigekatsu from the Kuroda clan was injured by a Ming poisoned saber during a scouting skirmish and died a day later.

Hence I don’t want to change the Arambai to a poisoned unit. They are fine now they just need a stronger support unit, and for that I suggest to give the Burmese access to Elephant Archers and remove their Cavalry Archers.

I’d like to reserve the poisoned effect to potential civs from insular SE Asia such as the Visayans or the Moluccans, or perhaps to a civ from Africa or the Americas.

Warriors from Fiji used it too. It was a slow-acting poison that took days or even weeks to kill its victims, causing immense suffering during the entire period. It seems incredibly advanced to me.

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At least with the new rams mechanic you can pop Teutonic Knights in and out of rams to increase their speed and protect them from castles and ranged units.