How Dance Hall and Outlaws should be! Bonus: and Extended Fortifications

It´s fun to play with the guys from the bar, but their population is just irracional, why is this? maybe a very hard rush on early ages, and if it is this, why not reduce the pop per 1 on every age, Or at least the home city card (Dance Hall) could fix this way better than it actually does, because is not enough, and we all know that using card is very important in every game and I think is fair to put this cool Outlaws more on the game as the awesome Ronins as well!!

Also it wouldn’t be unfair to build to many of the outlaws because you can only build one bar, so that,s a good balance any way, or maybe the Dance Hall card could admit one more bar or at least send to your city a carriage to build the bar so people would use more this nice card.

Last but not least, since this is a strategy game and as you can see you can build a certain quantity of some buildings, this should also apply for regular stables and barracks (im thinking on 10) and the card of Extended Fortifications could extend this to 15, this is to be fair with the Aztecs and Russians which they do have a limit and so you build more strategily your military bases since this is an strategy game, dont you hate this people that just build 50 barracks and build even more as they advance every foot to your home city?

let me know what you guys think and thanks :cowboy_hat_face:
PS: Sorry for my bad english but is not my native languaje.

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Regarding Dance Hall - I used to always extensively include this card in my setup. But ever since the DE release, now I’m finding myself removing it in favour of better cards, particularly economic cards that allow me to produce more mercenaries.

I like to use outlaws and mercenaries in general whenever I can but I’m finding it hard to justify picking a unit that costs 7 population (6 with the card) when low-pop units are generally more cost-effective at what they do. Maybe it’s the Comanchero/Pirate units that’s kinda crappy by itself but what makes it worth that population space? I like your idea of reducing population by age, would be useful for Outlaw units.

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I hope to see countries that are good at outlaws-unit.
Historically, Vietnam is the most suitable.(西山朝)
They used to support pirates in South China


I love this idea, prevents spams in earlier ages and makes the outlaws more viable in the late-game.

More than one Bar/Saloon seems reasonable. Maybe, the number of Bars should be limited by the numbers of Town Centers. If you have 3 TCs, you can build 3 Bars. If you have 5 TCs, you can build 5 Bars and so on. The same logic could work for barracks, stables and other buildings of that type.

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Wokou Ronin are one of the strongest units in the game with the Wild West card, costing 3 pop normally but getting reduced down to 1 pop with Wild West. Wokou Monks aren’t bad either (3 pop base as well). It seems like an easy way to make Outlaws more relevant would be to make most of them not so insanely high pop costing (Comancheros being 7 pop baseline is just crazy, maybe increase cost to counterbalance?).

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