How did they do that?

Hello boys,

This image is from the historic battle “The Burning of the USS Philadelphia”, and I assume they made the outro with the map editor. Does anyone have an idea how they managed to put non-generic corpses (there they look like regular and pirate corpses). Normally in the scenario editor we do not find these types of corpses

I would need it for a custom scenario

If you fins the corpses asset, you can right-click for variations , they are normal in the game, otherwise they couldn’t exist in the maps :slight_smile:

Haven’t dug in too deep into it, but for the normal campaigns a similar technique was used. I suggest you take note of which ones do it (non generic corpses), copy the respective campaign file into your scenario folder, open it in the Editor, and look up the entities affected and which triggers might cause them to appear like this.

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Ok thanks guys I will try