How do clans work?

I am looking to join a clan in order to play with regular people instead of just random queues, but I am struggling to find out how the clan system works.
I went to Clans Archive - Age of Empires and signed up for The Last Spartan, but on the page there is only a list of members.

Is there no chat, websites, communication in the game client? How do people play in clans and what do they do?

Unfortunately a clan isn’t much more than a list that shows you whenever other members are connected in-game. For communication you will need a Steam group chat or a Discord server.

Best way to play with regular people right now is probably to join the discord of some twitch streamer. Some of them have quite active communities frequently playing together.
The clan system is pretty rudimentary and basically nonfunctional in game.

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Cactus, how do I see the list in game? Thats the thing, I joined that guild on this page and logged in. Do I need to connect to the account somehow to see who is connected in game?

When you go to invite you will see in the top right corner a drop down menu one of the options is clan. This will display a list of clan members

You can chat with your clan/club using the Xbox Companion app or the mobile Xbox app. The new Xbox app for PC does not have this feature. Age of Empires II: DE has a built-in clan feature in the game, which I think it tied to the Age of Empires website clan system, but the capabilities are limited. I looked into this a bit more and found out the Age of Empires website clan feature is for Age of Empires: DE only and is separate from the clan system for Age of Empires II: DE and Age of Empires III: DE.

Here’s some more info about the current status of Xbox clubs: What's going on with Xbox Clubs? | Windows Central

Is there a way to change clan leaders? My clan leader is inactive for nearly a year, could have passed away for all I know. I am first mate though, wondering if I can be made new leader.

If anyone is looking for a clan, message me for more info, we [Anvil] are looking for more members. We have a wide elo range in 1v1 from 850 - 1950