How do feel when you crush a much weaker player?

How do you feel when you crush a much weaker player?

By no means I am not an expert. But I will give you a perfect example that was a really one-sided 1v1 game. I was playing as Goths on a very open map and simply boomed for about 45 minutes. I never attacked him, he never attacked me. However, I managed to capture about 4 relics just in case for the very late game. Then I flooded him with infantry spam and the game was over just like that.

Pretty bad. There is not much satisfaction in winning a brutally one-sided game, and the other player probably doesn’t feel happy either. Although this doesn’t seem to happen too often in 1v1, but team-games sometimes have weird match ups.


By his perspective, my civ must be OP and broken. But I played a very chill game and was under no pressure at all.

I stopped playing unranked 1v1 after 2 games when I noticed there is a giant skill gap.
The game feels amazing when you succeed against an similarly skilled opponent because you choose the better strategy. Playing against a weak opponent is just boring as none of your decisions really matter…

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I don’t enjoy it, it’s just okay for me.
I want to spend time on this game, playing against a weaker player is still better than playing nothing, At least I don’t need to try hard this time or I will get exhausted in few games.

I hate those games in which you can destroy your enemy with just a few scouts in feudal. I have had some games in which i managed to get a 20:1 K:D ratio by just using some scouts and hit and run. No fun at all when that happend.

Tbh I think judging players’ skills from one game is a bit overhasty unless there is a significant elo difference. Everyone has good and bad days/game and most non-expert players lack consistency in performance. That’s at least what I experienced in my games.

I think that is fairly common until you reach an elo where most people can quickwall your scouts out.

I play defensive - usually I let the opponent make the first move - beyond that it’s nice to fight the opponent at their best regardless of level. Even if the opponent is much weaker, I hope that the experience of fighting me was fun for them

It feels terrible because the game either ends too quickly or they don’t resign until getting defeated.

Usually it doesn’t feel good, especially if the other player expected an equal match.
But I had a 1400 rated player lame me pretty hard once and there I must confess it felt really good to overwhelm him, attack from multiple sides, be annoying, make him struggle and just calmly defend at home until he had basically no eco left and resigned :smiley:
He was pretty fair about it though and wrote “gg well played”

I have to admit: Having 3-5 scouts, killing lots of vills while being chased by a very big investment of spears is pretty funny at that moment 11

Luckily this happened not that often…

i could scout rush till i got to 2000 Team elo than it stopped. you cant force them to invest in spears heavily, they wall base properly and they will punish you in a moment of not watching scouts.

Well most stomps I’ve experienced at my mid elo level (both stomping or being stomped) are not due to crazy skill gaps but due to someone messing up the build and titanic. Of course it’s not ideal but it’s not too strange on a level where people try to play the game in the way it’s supposed to be played, but can’t quite do that consistently.

In the end, stomp or get stomped can happen in the grand scheme of things, and that doesn’t necessarly imply that one of the two players is a massive noob. Maybe one played just played completely off while the other one played clean

Bored, I always tell them to check elo afterwords, blame DE matchmaking. Try and push away from their poor performance given it especially gets worse as the game goes on.

It’s not that much fun because it’s not challenging and also not too good knowing they probably did not enjoy it at all because they did not stand a chance.

I am quite new so when it happens I am pretty happy because it either means I played a good game or my opponent â– â– â– â– â– â–  up and I caught a lucky break

If it is once in a while I love it, specially if Im having a Bad day or a Bad Streak.

But un a normal day its wasting time