How do I attack more than one enemy unit?

I’ve very green at battles.
Here’s an example of what I’m doing:
I can double-click a pikeman to select all pikemen on the screen. Then I right-click on one enemy cavalry and they all seem to attack that one unit.

How do I send a group of pikemen to attack a group of cavalry? Do I have to click and assign each one individually? I see videos where a stationary, organized line of pikemen simultaneously rushes towards a line of cavalry while maintaining their perfect formation. How can I execute those types of maneuvers?

In reality, I just drag boxes around my army and right click enemies, but this seems like a horrible way to play. I often can’t even distinguish my units on the battlefield.


You can achieve this by using “attack move” command. Sadly I forgot the default keybind, so when you choose your units press the attack move button then you will see that your cursor is changed. Then a simple click will send your units to that location but in attack move. The mechanic has kinda changed from original game yet it is very useful since your units attack enemies automatically with more efficiency.
Apart from that, simple keybindings will help you improve your gameplay for example; deleting units, selecting units of same type, finding your hero, repair, build buttons for most used buildings like houses outposts etc.


As Gascoigne6833 says, the attack move command is what you want to use. Just note that it is a bit broken at the moment, so there will be times when you issue the attack move command to units and they react as if it was a normal move order. The devs are working on fixing this, but no one knows when the problem will be solved. It has been like this since the game was released, though I believe it did get a bit better at one stage.