How do I center on a building like a barracks?

I’ve waited a year to buy this game because I wanted to be able to hotkey to buildings.

Now I give my barrack a hotkey but it selects it but it DOES NOT GO TO THAT BUILDING?

How do I do that? Can’t I hit a key and have it take me to the building that key is bound to?

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Does it work if you hit it twice? I know quickly hitting a control group number twice will center the camera on it.

No it does not work if I hit it twice.

Does this work for anyone else?

There’s a setting you can toggle to have it focus or not.

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Where is this setting???

there is a button to center the selection, I configured it in the space bar, also if you put it in the control group, double click on the number and that’s it

Change from ‘Select Only’ to ‘Select and Center Camera’. Keep in mind that if you select multiple barracks, it will focus on the center of all of them, which may not be anywhere useful.