How do I chat to ALL?

I’m not sure why I’m having trouble finding this feature, and it’s probably due to something simple that will earn me many Picard emoji…

In AoE4, I’ve figured out the chat box and talking to teammates online.
How do I speak to everyone, enemy and ally?

I’ve been confused at first running in AoE4…

In AoE4, simply a pressing enter key opens a dialog to chat available in teammates only.
Required shift keys pressings before enter keys to speak to players in a gaming session.

Press Ctrl + shift to chat with all.

You can also press tab as well to chat to all


You go to options and assign ENTER to chat talk for all instead of team.

Just use the tab key when in the chat


Thanks all, I was finally able to announce I was going to die well in a 4v4 with all 3 of my teammates surrendered…

Press TAB when chat window is open.

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You can also hit Shift plus Enter and the chat window will open ready to be typed to [All]