How do I copy settings to a new computer?


What folder/file shall I copy to preserve all my settings when reinstalling game on new computer?

In general C:\Users\<username>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\<randomnumbers> contains all of your personal files for the game. Most of the folders are straight forward, I’ll call out the 2 major ones below.

C:\Users\<username>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\<randomnumbers>\Users\NewProfile.xml

  • This stores all the options you click in the settings like hotkeys, colors, etc. This will bring over graphics settings as well, so it might look bad when you first start up your game.

C:\Users\<username>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\<randomnumbers>\Savegame

  • This folder contains all of your home cities

Hope this helps

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I just reinstalled game and it seems to actually pulled all that data from cloud. Both home cities and hotkeys are on new computer without need for copying files.


That’s great! For some reason my settings didn’t when I switched to another computer. Not sure what conditions have to be met to back-up user preferences (at least on Steam). Maybe it’s related to the Steam Cloud option, but not sure how often that updates.

Either way, I’m glad it worked out for you!