How do I counter the flame-thrower guys?

Two or three of these guys go through twenty of my Musketeers like crap through a goose.

My cavalry just stands around looking scared.

Any suggestions?

Put the cavalry to work then.


They have the siege unit tag. This means that militiamen counter them. It takes 12 mm shots to kill them, so just kite. You should be killing 1 every 6 seconds. You may need a couple of melee units to snare them so that they don’t catch your mm.

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1 cav can kill like 5 of them lol. You can even kite them with musketeers. If they are not in a stationary battle versus infantry flamethrowers are rather underwhelming really.

‘Kite’? I played the first campaign all the way through ten years ago but I’m sort of a newbie at getting serious.

And the game is so good and so fun (except when my guys are getting fried like eggs) I’m definitely wanting to get serious.

Hey great to hear that you are liking the game and are looking to improve!

To kite is basically what this player is doing with his skirms here How To Micro (Advanced Guide) - YouTube
So going back and forth to reshoot, not letting the enemy catch you while doing so. You usually count the seconds of your rate of fire to know when the best time to go back and shoot again is.

Hopefully you find the rest of the video useful as well.


a single shot from a cannon will usually kill them.

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As Bjorn mentioned, its basically hit and running. MM have longer range and don’t have a set up animation like flamethrowers.

Here’s the steps to follow:

  1. Have Militiamen (MM) fire a ranged attack at the flamethrowers
  2. Immediately after the bullets leave the musket, command them to move in the opposite direction of the flamethrowers
  3. After 3 seconds (the MM Rate of Fire), repeat the process of ranged attack and run away

The important part here is that you do not need the MM to perform their reloading animation. They will reload while they are walking. Since the MM have longer range and don’t have to set up their attack like flamethrowers, you should be able to damage the flamethrowers without taking any damage.

Just build some culveirns that will take care of them

They do not have the artillery tag. They are classified as infantry and as a siege unit.

Always works for me.

Falcs should be better against them then culvs. Culvs shouldn’t have a multiplier against them.

Maybe they don’t have a multiplier against them but they seem to work well. Horse artillery work good too

The more long is the range, the bether it is.

Never let them come close.

If you need to, split you army in haf.

The haf army that is the most far away shoot, the closess army just run away, in a strategic retreat, splithing as many time has you need to.


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units which have a bonus vs infantry or siege units are the best answer, although any melee cavalry will do the job. Naginata, mahouts, lancers, falconets, oprichniks, all do the job. if you’re aztec then coyote runners, haudenosaunee has a bit more trouble, although kanya do just fine

When all else fails, muskets in melee mode.