How do I Effectively Use Towers? (After Feudal Age)

Some civs like the Japanese and Koreans have some really good tower bonuses, and I know they have great offensive and defensive purposes in Feudal, but what about in Castle and Imperial age? Those tower techs don’t arrive until after feudal, but by that point aren’t castles far superior? From my experience, towers are pretty bad at stopping more than a handful of units. What’s the best way to utilize these bonuses? What are they best at accomplishing? I appreciate any and all help/advice!

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You can build more Towers than you can Castles, and with dispersed Towers, you can cover a larger area.

It is true they are not as good as Castles at defending, but replacing even 3 Towers is easier than replacing a Castle.

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Castles are better but they cost almost 6x the resources.

Unfortunately, however, stone is quite a premium resource in the early castle age, and those resources are better spent on new TCs instead, they do more damage than towers, can produce new villagers, garrison more units, and they cost less stone overall than a single tower does.

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Japs towers in team islands it’s pretty meta right now. I guess you could also use koreans than way if you want to.

Towers in castle age is not that common to see as a defensive structure, but I guess if you have trushed hard, you can go for Guard tower.

TL;DR towers have their niche in castle age and imperial


Guard towers are pretty useful defensively in castle age, they outrange and deal solid damage to mangonels, expecially with archers inside. They are pretty good at holding map control in some hybrid/water maps too. They can also be used to push, expecially with japanese and koreans, but it’s a quite niche strategy and I’m not really experienced with.


On open maps they’re worthless after castle age, castles despite their cost are far superior both defensive and forward positions with trebs being their only realistic answer until post imp.
On water and closed maps, they’re probably worth more although facing competition from BBT


I agree for most games… But towers allow you to apply pressure much sooner than a castle even on open maps. Or defensive point much sooner, especially on open maps where raiding is more likely…

Yes they aren’t used super often but imo they have their uses now and then. Wait for 650 stone or 250 for 2 towers filled with archers popping 8 arrow fighting off mangos or hiding vils…

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i’m noob but personally i use them to deny/ midle gold and stone to my opponent on opend maps. sure they can ram it down but sometimes theh just place mining camp before seeing what’s their and lose the vils because they’re not paying attention. I guess it doesnt work against the AI 1111


Guard Tower is useful for every civ which has Guard Tower against early Castle Age Mangonel/Monk pushes. But know that, like the attacking player’s strategy, fast Guard Tower needs to delay adding extra TC’s, and maybe Bow Saw and/or Heavy Plow, to afford everything quickly. Using two Guard Towers to cover one area might also be a good idea. As if I recall correctly, 3 Mangonels with 1 repair Villager can still destroy lone Guard Towers with a full garrison.

Beyond this situational use, I only see towers for guarding forwards and neutral resources from civs with tower bonuses. Like Byzantines, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Teutons, and Turks.

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I think this could be the smart use for towers in castle age, when you have the control of the map and the game goes to Imp

Yeah when I said castle age, I meant to say mid castle age before you can have knights or rams or have enough stone to build a castle

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