How do i pay tribute to my allies

I’m a beginner and don’t play multiplayer until now. So I play against the AI 2v2 and want to support my allie. In the upper right corner there is a button to do so. But when I used it and the small window comes up it shows my allie and the opponents but no opportunity to pass recources to my allie (recources where enough). What did I wrong or is it only possible to do that in multiplayer. Answers would be most welcome :grin:
I searched in the forum for ‘how to pay tribut’ but found nothing so I try it over a topic. :pleading_face:

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You need a market to pay tribute.

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Exactly market is essential

Thanx a lot for your advices. I’ll try it. I’m not sure that I had one. :grin:
I’ll come back then. :sunglasses:

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Ok, it works. After I set a market I can use the upper right button and click on the required recources for an allie. Can somebody tell me where I could have found a description for that ?
I searched in the hot keys and in the forum but nothing shows such.

There is a pop up that tells you when you put the mouse over a resource.

Thanks for the hint :grin: