How do I recruit Native Warriors? (for US Challenge #2 Pennsylvania)

I started the challenge game as British (this challenge seems to choose California, though I could change it I guess) and built a trading post at a native settlement. It let me train 15 native warriors max. I then built a native embassy(?) nearby but it didn’t let me train any more (it implied the 15 max limit had been reached). And I am “training” them, not “recruiting” them.

The challenge requires “recruiting” 50 Native Warriors. I have no idea how to do this. Can someone describe to me the exact steps needed to recruit natives? I read there are some cards that help (I assume I’d have to earn them and put them into my custom deck?) or that I should train from an outpost maybe? Do I have to capture a Native from a treasure? Obviously, I’m lost, haha!

I’m very much a beginner, so please explain without using AOE jargon, thanks! :slight_smile:

You have to create 50 natives throughout the game, if you create 30 natives that you can recruit between the two villages, and then lose 20 in combat, you can recreate them. You will still have 30 natives, but in the whole game you will have created 50.


Thanks EliteRiflemann. Are you saying I have to create trading posts at the 2 native settlements and create 15 warriors at each? And then wait for them to die or delete them and make 20 more? I’d swear, the 15 I created died and it didn’t let me build more, but I could be wrong.

Are there other ways to “recruit” warriors? Also, what’s the purpose of the Native Embassy? It wouldn’t let me train more warriors after I created 15 at the Native Settlement.

Try the new England map or any other map with the Huron.

They have a tech that increases their build limit by 200%, letting you build 60 of em with just 2 trading posts. That should clear your challenge easily.

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Ok Opdepov. I’ll give that a shot too.

It’s going to take forever to complete these 50 challenges, haha!

You can complete the challenge on any map with native settlements by simply training as many as are allowed, deleting them, and training more. “Recruiting” is the same as “training” in the context of this challenge.

As for the purpose of the native embassy - it is to allow you to train the units of the tribes you have allied with at a different location than the trading posts built at their settlements, since you can build the native embassy anywhere. It does not allow you to train more of those units than the build limit.


Just pick Incas, use the card that allows you to train allied natives like mapuche, alliy with all natives of the maps, train the maximum of both and if they die just re train them , easy.


I finally did it! Thanks to all the help.

It took 3 tries because I kept winning before I had recruited/trained enough native warriors. It felt wrong deleting the units, so I kept sending them into battle, haha.

Is there a way to see how many of each type of unit you’ve created (I see at the post game you can see the total military count and the one favorite unit count, but I never could tell exactly how many native warriors I’d created)?

Well done! Unfortunately, though, there is no way of seeing in the post-game screen (or anywhere else, for that matter) how many of each unit you trained during the game.

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Hi i had tried more than 5 times using INCA strategics but it shows done, but then later on i force quit the quest is not completed again, is there a bug but when i finish the quest is conpleted but then i reopen the game it shows not complete, what should I do?

Your Explorer needs to build a trading post on a native settlement (the white huts on the map). There are usually 2 of these where you can build trading posts.

These trading posts can each typically train 15 native warriors max. After you train 15 (or 30) it won’t let you train more until those warriors are killed or deleted. So you can send the warriors into battle or select them and delete them. Then you can train more from the trading post.

Is that what you’re doing?

yes i had built all (3) maximum of the native embassy and trading post to train more warriors but i tried delete and get back more than 15 times it shows completed but when I restart the game then it shows not completed.=(

At first I was just starting normal skirmishes from the main menu and they weren’t counting until I realized you have to start the games from within the US Challenges list by hitting the Play button at the bottom of the list. Are you doing this?

yes i play single player games within the US challenges, not from the main menu. That is strange, or maybe i keep deletting it considered as cheat