How do i unsubscribe from mods i am not subscribed to? They are infinitely downloading and crashing my mod browser

I have a bunch of mods that just seem to infinitely download, on the AoE website it does not say i am subscribed to them so i can’t unsubscribe there, it says i am only subscribed to 5 mods. Subbing or unsubbing on the website also does not seem to do anything.

The mod browser is stuck and i can’t browse any, trying to unsub from one of the mods which are not stuck freezes my game while the unsub button is greyed out for the mods that are stuck. The more info button is greyed out for every mod. The info of the selected mod on the side is also stuck in loading for any mod.

I already tried to manually delete the mods in their folder and the mod status json file but they just come back, where the same ones download fine but the other ones that are stuck stay stuck.

What else is there left that i can do?

I think you need to submit a bug report.