How do people setup their hotkeys for AoE3 DE?

I’m very new to AoE3 in general (mostly a Starcraft 2 veteran, but also played AoE2 DE, and recently the AoE4 beta extensively).

I just jumped into AoE3 DE for the first time and the hotkeys feel very…off I guess it the best way to put it. The first thing I noticed is that you can’t even use “control + left click on a unit” which usually selects all of that type of unit that is on the screen. AoE3 doesn’t even have that functionality, it feels like an entirely different company made AoE3 after AoE2 (maybe this is the case, I’m relatively new to the series).

Anyways, I’m wondering if there’s a certain way that veterans/pros of AoE3 DE set up their hotkeys? Or do they stick to the “Legacy” or “Default” keybind profiles for the most part?

I know the vast majority of AoE2 DE players have a modified version of a layout and I was wondering what changes I should make for AoE3 DE.

Thank you

As far as I know there isn’t this functionality however in “Find Unit Hotkeys” there is a setting for “Find All of Selected Type”. You have to click on a unit first before you use it though.

A useful hotkey I think that isn’t set up by default is “Find all Idle Villagers” I like using Shift-` for it but it is all personal preference I think.

Another useful hotkey is “remove from any group” in selection group hotkeys. I forget what it is set up by default but I seem to recall it is complicated. It’s useful if you do something like putting a villager in a military control group.

Also as a side note in the ui setting you there is an option to display the hotkeys on the ui.

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I did have to change a lot of them to be fair as I like to have as many hotkeys as I can ok the left side of my keyboard, I even changed control 5 - 9 to F1-F4 and use these ones specifically for military buildings.
Also there is a hotkey that I fully recommend to use which is the select all units of the same type(I have mine set to the letter F). Its one of the most useful hotkeys in the game imo, I tend to use that over double click simply because for example if I used it on a hussar, it selects all of the hussars I have on the entire map, and I can make sure that all of my units are fighting and none is left behind.
I hope this helps a bit!