How do pros do deer?

I’ve noticed pros usually take a lured deer by garrisoning vills and setting the gather point to the deer.

I’ve tried this, but it feels very awkward. Just grabbing some vills under the TC and targeting the deer feels smoother.

Does anyone know the garrison-eject deer lure works? Does it work for you?

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I find it much more consistent with garrison. Not only is it faster since the villagers don’t have to walk but the real dealbreaker for me is that when ungarrisoning all vills shoot at the same time, and you don’t risk the deer going away. The only case where I don’t garrison is if the deer is right under the TC, but that means spending a bit of extra time with your scout to get the deer there.


Are you asking WHY they do it or HOW they do it? Your question isnt very clear…

I agree with SwaggyOP and I just want to add villagers drop their food to your bank. If you lured deer early every single food required to constant TC production, forcing drop off fells me bad.


I find often a vill is created, pops out of the TC, and scares the deer away

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You set the garrison point of the TC on the deer, garrison 2-3 vills and eject them. It just takes a fraction of a second if you use hotkeys.

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So when I’ve tried it I’ve had to move the scout, and select vills, TC, and the deer in quick succession. How do you do all that in a fraction of a second?

I know the TC can be selected with hotkeys, but when I already have my mouse over it it feels quicker to select it with clicking. I know the gather point & garrison hotkey. Any other hotkeys you need to use?

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Well, the scout moving isnt really in the same sequence of events, is it? I mean, after you give the deer the last push, the scout first needs to run to the deer, then the deer starts moving, and only a few moments after it stops it can run away again.
So its really selecting vills, pressing the garrison hotkey, hovering TC (which is super close to where your cursor already is), leftclick, TC hotkey (or leftclick again), ungarrison. Thats 5 actions, but all of them can be done with different fingers, so it really shouldnt take long.


With some practice you can select 2-3 villagers or you can assign group to 2-3 villagers before starting to lure deer.

If you use hotkeys this is rather straightforward and should not require any particular explanation, I think you must be missing something. Maybe the ungarrison hotkey ?

This should never happen. When you set the gather point to the deer, you can press ungarrison almost immediatly. Even if a vill comes out in the frames between, the deer will be dead before it has even moved.

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If you’re using default DE hotkeys:

Select the vills you want to garrison, hit T and click TC (garrison villagers)
Hit T again with TC selected (Set Gather Point) and drop flag on deer/boar
Hit G to Ungarrison (ejects vills to go to/act on Gather Point)

You can’t hit F (send back to work) because that sends them back to whatever they were doing before.


I’ve tried it again. The thing that went wrong most often was mis-clicking the deer. Somehow it feels like it’s more inclined to target the ground when setting the TC gather point than when targeting villagers.

But I’m beginning to see you could get used to it.

Personally for me, I do not garrison my villages to shoot a lured deer…I’d rather just grab 2-3 villagers and order them to shot the deer when it comes close to my TC. Garrisoning is not a skill that I have mastered yet. Also, I do not fuss over making the deer go right under my TC. If the deer gets to only 1-3 tiles away from the TC, then it is good enough.

I personally do not think that deer luring is “game-changing” in any sense…it is only a slight boost to your food income in the Dark Age, delaying the shift to farming for 1 or 2 minutes.