How do you attack archers/x-bows/siege with your cav when there is spearmen inbetween?

So imagine a group of enemy archers and spearmen inside of each other. You have the perfect counter on paper: Archers(counter spearmen) & cavs(counter archers).

Now you need a ton of micro because you have to move-command your cav into the bulk of enemies. Then literally click every single cavalry unit to attack a specific archer. You can’t do attack-move because they would also attack the spearmen. Now if the opponent is also kiting his archers away while the spearmen just attack move your cav - you are basically ■■■■■■.

It’s always easier to have range+spearmen then anything else. That’s also why siege is so much better than cav.

The only solution is to give us a “Attack unit by type” command. So you can select your Cav, use this command on an archer and your cav will attack any archer in aggro range until there are none left, then attack whatever.

It is also a question of numbers. You want to do the counter play but you can not counter until the spears are killed, so what you can do is keep your cav in the back, fokus fire his spear while his archers fokus your archers.
In the end, he should lose his spear while you lose tons of archers, but at some point you can send in your cav and should win the overall fight.

It is a micro battle and the better micro should win the game but also the composition, like amount of archers you got to fight spears and so on.

But archers + mangonal is better then archers + cav vs archers + spear. So whoever is able to add siege would win this fight.