How do you Counter Feudal Ram MAA Rush?

For civs that have no units that can counter them early on what do you do?

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Rams can be burned down with vills, as for MaA, just try to age up to age 3 as soon as you can.

MaA are slow, so it’s difficult to harass with them. You can even just use horses to burn rams, and use your superior mobility to escape from MaA.

I suppose you play with those civ who don’t have maa nor than knight age 2 and by the fact don’t have a begining of a counter too maa (since the huge horseman nerf)?

You need to play horseman and you can harasse your opponenet with the age3 in perspective. If he push, he can strugge to protect his res (not that hard with pik buff and horseman nerf but still, require some skill to do it) and you can focus fire with your tc so the ram push is a way less stronger.

  1. attack him before


  1. make a lot of archers and a few horsmen and when he chase down archers make a gap between you and the MAA and attack when it’s safe (archers are faster than MAA) theoretically you can kill them with good microing

  2. at age 3 produce knights

Archer are not good at all to deal with maa, they deal 2 damages / shot mean you need 60 shot to just kill 1 maa. Maa can litterally ignore your archers and shred your eco.

that’s why I’ve said that he needs to combine them with horses and abuse the better speed archers have over MAA when they push them

A lot of archer and a few horseman don’t seem the good awnser against maa, archer are mostly here to kill pik and horseman to “trade” with maa (badly now since the last patch).

MAA and ram push is very expensive so as long as you don’t lose like 5+ vills you should be fine. If they dive TC, make sure your TC shoots MAA, a few MAA still die reasonably fast under TC fire.

Archers are pretty decent because while they dont kill MAA very fast they can shoot them while they raid, and if they go on your archers, you can just walk back to TC range (archers are faster than MAA).

Also torch rams with vills is very important while army is fighting.

“no units”? every barracks or stable unit will rip rams appart. Archers do almost nothing to rams, use infantery or cavallery.

You don’t. You just leave the game. Rushing is silly.

Issue here is, “defend, go castle and build knights” sees a bit strange.
Since the spearman buff, knights are not that good anymore if they face maa + spear. So you need to mix in quite a lot of archers.
Now the issue is, spearman can stay in the back, while your cav needs to engage the maa. If your archer try to shoot at the spearman they get fokused by maa, if your cav runs in they get fokused by spear, english do not have that issue imho since they got enough range to always fokus fire spear (let alone that they got maa too).
And the obvious point is, 1200 food + 600 gold for the age up is invested into MAA on the other side, so you fight an uphill battle (That alone are ressources worth 12 man at arms knocking at your door)

Horseman are completely useless in the current patch, afte their health nerf and after the buff of spear they are almost a 1hit by spears (exaggerated).

People call HRE weak, but imho in a bit lower elo they are quite strong. On water they are already a top pick even in high level play.
I guess it is just a balancing question, reducing MAA health a bit more or removing 1 additional melee armor in feudal.