How do you drop relics in the Monastery?

I can’t get the monks to place relics in the Monastery. Right clicking like in AOE2 makes them just walk right up to it and stand there. If I press Drop Relic on the Monastery they just set it next to the building. How do you get them to place the relic inside? Am I missing something, or is this just a bug?

Haven’t tried it in release now, but in the stress test you indeed just right-clicked the Monastery and they’d bring it inside.

You can’t queue the action for some reason.
You have command them to drop the relic after they picked it up.

It’s a known bug.

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i cant even tell w here the relics are on the minimap its so small.

Ah, true, this part was broken in the stress test, too!

It works when the monastery has one relic.

I was able to shift queue monk dropping off relics fine - I even strung 2 pick up/drop offs in a row. Possible there is a bug where it doesn’t work sometimes I guess?