How do you get stone when you run out of stone nodes?

I find it very fun to build a lot of defense (walls, keeps, outposts, etc.) and try to win by wonder without invading the enemy, but i’ve run into a problem, i have to play the french (for the guild hall stone production) or i will run out of stone and be unable to build/repair my defenses. How do i get stone when all nodes are depleted?

You can buy stone in exchange for gold at a market. Also, some mechanics in the game gives passive stone income every minute. For example, the Mansa Quarry landmark for Malians which gives 75 stone every minute, and relics put into a monastery building with the Tithe Barns upgrade researched which then generates 30 food, 30 wood and 30 stone per minute.


true, but after a while that gets incredibly expensive

this is what i want to avoid, i dont want to be locked into playing a specific civ because of their production, but i suppose i have too if i want to have late game stone.

I guess the game developers likely limited stone and made it difficult to acquire intentionally, in order to prevent excessively long games with walls and castles everywhere. If you wish to modify these “game rules”, consider using a mod that grants players additional stone in some way, or play a custom made map with a lot of stone nodes.

Market prices reset over time in AoE 4.

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Mongol: Traders have an upgrade that give you stone when trading.
French: Guild Hall landmark can provide infinite stone
Mali: Mansa Quarry can give passive stone
HRE: Tithe barn, since they will usually have relics.
Rus: That Age 2 eco landmark that let you buy stone at a good deal.

English, Ottoman, China, Abbasyd, Delhi
I Have no idea.

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Chinese Pagodas generate stone when they have a relic inside similar to early better tithe barns, Imperial officials can be used to supervise stone mines giving you 20% more stone per mine. they also have 2 defensive landmarks.
English have 2 keep landmarks they cost wood rather than stone to repair.
securing relics is part of the Delhi Sultanate play style they can get cheaper defenses with the Compound of Defender making stone last longer.
Abbasids get more gold for trade to buy stone with.
Ottomans get a keep landmark one of the vizier points improves trade.
Holy Roman Empire, Regnitz tithe barn relics produce more stone than other civs. relics make their keeps do more damage and have more range. they have a unique tech giving their walls more hp making them harder to destroy.