I can’t find it anywhere.

Was just watching a good video on hotkeys and he talked about ‘setting ctrl to nearest event’ so I know it’s in the game.

But where is it???

There’s a ‘go to attack’ key but I can’t find the ‘event’ key.

“focus last attack notification” under the game tab bud, should be ‘Space’ by default, but honestly that change seems drastically unnecessary to me but do as you will.

Yes, but that is only for attack.

All other Age games have an ‘last event notification’ key.

Do people actually use that hotkey? Seems so pointless since there’s always a million things going on at once and you might not know what you’re going to.

to my knowledge in aoe4 the only “event” notification is the attack notification so you are looking for something that does not exist. i could be wrong but i don’t think i am.

Funny thing. I watched a youtube video about hotkeys and the guy said ‘I’ve set my event notification to x key’. Maybe he meant attack notification.

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i’d be willing to bet that’s the case