How do you kill fully upgraded Macedonian Centurions

Its so infuriating to be well ahead and then only to get annihilated by just a few of them.

Clearly I still have a lot to learn!

You should be able to kite with horse archers.

Ballistas should counter too.

But they have extra resistance with plus 2 pierce armour? Thanks why I’m asking.

Well Ballistas don’t care ^^

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Centurions are slow. Use that to your advantage.

Ha Ha Ballistas are slow too, many even slower

The thing is, that if you let Macedonian get fully upgraded Centurion then you did something wrong in terms of finishing off your enemy. Macedonian already becomes dangerous in Bronze Age, let alone in Iron Age.

Ballistas/Helepolis or mass (Heavy) Horse Archers is the only solution if you let it come this far.


Thanks appreciate the response. The odd thing is I thought I had him as I destroyed his main base, the sneaky ■■■■■■ managed to rebuild again. My bad.

Most civilizations have good units to match the Macedonian Centurion.
(Heavy) Catapult, (Heavy) Horse Archer, Armored Elephant and Ballista can be used, but those won’t win you the game if you were not ahead before the fight.

Assyrian: Helepolis
Babylonian: -
Carthaginian: Helepolis, Centurion
Choson: Legion, Helepolis
Egyptian -
Greek: Helepolis, Centurion
Hittite: Heavy Horse Archer
Minoan: Helepolis, Centurion
Palmyra: -
Persian: -
Phoenician: Armored Elephant
Roman: Helepolis, Centurion, Legion
Shang: Helepolis
Sumerian: Heavy Catapult, Centurion
Yamato: Centurion

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Thanks Pate. I guess I did a crappy job of cleaning up :grinning:

Although Macedonians are 4 times harder to convert, they don’t have priests at all. You could use this to your advantage if a Macedonian is rushing you early in tool age with only hoplites. Using 4 priest will convert as usual. Using 5 groups with 4 priests and some micro will convert 5 centurions, which could help you fight the others coming.

But you will need a lot of gold for doing this (2500) and some very good micro skills.

Wondered if mass catapults would work reasonably well due to the Centurion speed being quite low so hard to doge shots as they do good area damage.

Ballistics is a must if you’re going for this tactic. Four catapults would insta kill them. Your only downside is that aoe has been significantly nerfed in AoE:DE.

Also Centurion aren’t that slow, because Aristocracy is researched. Hoplite and Phalanx are slow.