How do you mod this game's .dat files? [Solved]

empires2_x2_p1.dat can’t be opened with AdvancedGenieEditor3, and it can’t be edited with a common text editor. Is there any way to modify this file currently?

EDIT: I found the solution to my problem. There is an AdvancedGenieEditor in the game’s directory. This version works. You can find it if you go to: AoE2DE > Tools_Builds > AdvancedGenieEditor3.exe

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I might have found a possible solution… I found an AdvancedGenieEditor3 in the main game’s directory. This is capable of opening the empires2_2x_p1.dat file while the version I downloaded from Age of Kings Heaven is not able to open it.

I am going to edit some of the data and see if it works.

Thanks for this solution, i can now open it

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