How do you start on games where there is a Large pond at your base?


I play English, and most of the time I start with

All Food, one new villager food
Next gold
Next house then gold
Next 3 wood, next 4 stone then early expand to 2 TC.

If I have a large pond next to my base, with a deep sea and 4 shorelines, how should I alter this opening? I wonder if its better to go somehow build a dock quickly then into normal fast TC?

How do you open in those maps most efficiently?

If there is a good youtube video - please link!

Basically, yes!

Instead of all to food, I’d do 5 to food, one to wood, next two trained to wood, then 3 to gold, new villagers back to wood, by this point you should be getting fishing ships out, age, continue to fast castle

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Do you put all sheep vills on fish?

I don’t usually use villagers for food on hybrid or water maps if I am confident I can control the water

That’s what I am asking - how should I open?

But the question is not about hybrid maps - its ones where there is a small pool at my base…

That is a hybrid map😅 hybrid maps are any map with water but u don’t have to go water to win.

I’m assuming you’re talking about black forest, ancient spires, or gobi desert

In all of those if you have a pool in your base I would not put villagers on food at all, send them all to wood and spam fishing ships from 2-3 docks until you’ve got 20 and then fully upgrade them (after the opening I said earlier, also assuming you go into trade instead of mining, which is advisable)

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