How do you use army formation?

There are a few army formation, but I end up just using two of them: scalonated army, to avoid aoe damage, and line formation, to make archers shoot a wider area.

How do you use formations? Any suggestion for any specific formation?

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No one has an opinion? :frowning:

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I use the triangle formation with cavalry, when I want to flank and not be seen

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I only use formations in the campaign mode. I’m usually ordering my army in different blocks and I rarely see the need to change formation, the default one works fine for me.

I use line formation also when defending against chivalry with spears.

Supposedly there’s a formation rework planned. Here’s to hoping for Passive (for patrolling) and Defensive stance. (Stand Ground is yuck because it cancels on movement)

I think we should have more army formation and the formations should be much more relevant.

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I would like a rectangle formation, where the siege keep in the middle of the rectangle protected by the infantry.

But I don’t think much more army formations are needed.

Maybe, do army formation modify some stats? Or that would be broken?

Example, a formation for defensive purposes, or agressive one, where army got +5% movement speed or something like that.

Maybe if they implement that, a change army formation cooldown would be necessary.

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There’s a thread about this in the bug report section called “Unit Formation Rework”

Like in the first campaign mission in aoe3?