How do you win with Mexico Rio Grande revolt?

I can’t figure out a way to make this revolt work. Ever. It seems much worse than any other revolution. The thing is, unlike revolting with any civ but mexico, you can still reboom setllers with the other revolts. The only way to get more settlers is via haciendas. You have to send land grab card and make 7 of them and set them to auto-spawn. And by the time you do all that and somehow manage not to get attacked. your opponent is in the real age IV with two factories, lots of villagers and industrial age troops. I just don’t see any way the Rio Grande revolt can ever work, has anyone ever been able to make it work?

You win by attacking your opponents right after the revolution. This revolution is basically an all-in outside maybe treaty.

It is pretty similar in this respect with baja california.

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I know that, but it is just terrible. I can do a revolt with a European civ and reboom my economy with 3 tcs in case the first wave fails. The Euro revolts have cards that allow you to receive 6 settlers or so and enable making settlers at TCs. Not so with Mexico.

You use it with the card that turns all your skirms to soldados and do a guard soldado death push with like 90+ soldados

Its also an age 3 revolt so ideally you are ##### #### ## ###### later and not trying to reboom while revolting

Usually, the reolution choices of mexico is that you have 1 all-in revolution and one slightly less all-in revolution.
You do have to have some knowledge of these revolutions and their upsides before revolting. Ideally we would be able to see the revolutionary decks before choosing the revolution (the same could be done with euro civs, although those revolutions are more standardised and most allow you to rebuild your eco).

I lost a lot of games because I didn’t revolt to the right reolvution, until I learned some of them (I don’t know all of them by heart - yet). I am pretty confident with maya and central america, but rio grande and baja california are trickier.

It should be that you are unable to reboom after selecting an all in revolt. spain/mexico revolts with their haciendas kinda break what it means to have an all-in revolt and are just bad design to re allow rebooming


You are approaching this revolution in the wrong way, rio grande is the military revolution of age 3, with a focus on revolutionaires and chinacos, you get access to guard upgrade for free when you revolt, and it is geared toward military shipments, if you ever lose vills or want to get more you can either ship sierra madre republic or 8 vills cards… Also, it is not a all-in revolution like other say, it is a constant military production one, where your main strategy is to keep churning out military units

The only bad design is to limit the options of revolution after having revolted, good riddance of one trick pony all in revolutions, mexico revolutions are an example of amazing design

That is the actual issue I’m having though, compared to a Euro civ revolt, the Mexican revolts are terrible at replentishing your settler population. Most Euro revolts have a card which sends 6 settlers and allow you to create villagers at your TCs, making it easy to recover if you have 3 TC and shipped the medicine card for example. With Mexico you have to build SEVEN haciendas and even then they produce villagers quite slowly, even when you task the output villagers onto the hacienda itself to further speed up villager production.