How does 3DBEE find all the sheep?

I think I stumbled on HOW 3DBee maximizes he’s sheep gathering?!!

Lately I’ve been intrigue with the whole “3DBee” thing going on; and I have routinely tuned into his recent return to twitch to see a few games and what not esp vs other pro players he happens meet via ladder. Tonight I saw him playing as Rus and he won vs YUImetal; AND I wanted to study his Build Order in hopes of figuring out a better way to face Rus AS MOngols (one of mongol WORST MUs)…and at one point in the clip I notice a sheep THAT WAS STILL INSIDE THE FOG OF WAR availed itself??? Where you could see the outline of the sheep? AH HAA, CHEATER i CAUGHT YOU?! … At least that’s what I thought originally…then I notice he does something funny with his scouts when he sends them across the map in search of deer/sheep…HE ATTACK MOVES to move his scouts into the un search area of the map and I’m sure THIS is how he exploits YET another bug in the game…

UPON further studying I believe this POSSIBLE exploit was discovered organically from finding an efficient way to scout for wolves!! By attack moving your scout; the scout will stop to attack whatever enemy like unit appears within it’s LOS before it goes to the next Shift-attack location!!!

Now my personal opinion Any tournament NEEEDS to outline EXPLICITLY exactly WHAT IS and what IS NOT allowed… this game is just FILLLLLLED with bugs and bugs that are actively and commonly (and some not so commonly…) ABUSED.

ALL RIGHT IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!! The attack blindly in the Dark paths your units directly to the nearest attackable unit/building!!! Which means you can AUTO search for enemy!! wolves!!! WOW?!

That is how attack-move commands have worked in every RTS for over a decade. What’s the problem?

There is a nuisance to how it works in this game! I’m trying right now over and over again; and it appears my unit will perfectly path thru the DARK going directly to the nearest attackable unit/building IFF that unit/building is within a center range of my pre assigned path!!?? That’s not how other RTS attack move into the dark works!??

And did you notice how he moved camera to the undiscovered map location? What a shameless maphacker!
(No, he is not, he has maphacking gnome behind his speakers, he admitted it himself on the stream)


I mean should it be “fix your ■■■■■■■ game instead of banning people who utilize bugs”?

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I don’t get it, what’s the relatiom between attack move and gather sheeps? I can understand that as Rus attack move attack the wolfs… But this is how attack move works, nothing new.

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Yes the attack move thru the dark i believe was discovered as an optimal way find wolves, but it appears to reveal sheep near the edge of the scouts LOS?? IT also appears to auto path to the nearest enemy?

Reveal sheeps how? Sorry but I still don’t understand your point.

The auto path to nearest enemy I think is not true… When you attack move or move, units find a way to go to the direction you pointed, if there are trees, walls, or something in the path, they will find a path to the point. What is true is that if there are walls in the middle, they will know before you spot them.