How Does Accuracy Work?

So every ranged unit has a set accuracy, like how the archer has 80% (without thumb ring). But when archers are closer to units, like 2-3 tiles away, they tend to hit more often than when they are 6-7 tiles away. So how exactly does accuracy work? How is it calculated?

This is how you SHOULD think of it, I’m not sure the exact mechanics but this will explain the concept:

Every unit has a set trajectory for hits, where the arrow is fired so as to hit the target. That will be selected, randomly, a percentage of the time equivalent to the accuracy of the unit (example, a unit with 85% accuracy will fire an arrow that has the “hit” trajectory 85% of the time) and for the rest, it tries to “miss” by selecting an angle just off of the normal “hit” trajectory for the arrow to fly.

The projectile still travels the distance and contacts the unit before damage is dealt, however, so an arrow fired that is fired accurately, with the proper, pre-progammed trajectory can still miss (example, no ballistics) and a missing arrow can still hit (too close to deviate far enough off the angle to miss it’s target, attacking a unit without ballistics and missing too far to one side to catch it anyway) but the accuracy simply decides whether to make the arrow fly true or be off by a bit.

How much the shot can deviate varies from unit to unit, and I’m not certain what controls that, but you’ll note the Arambai has much worse misses than most other units, not only that it’s got low accuracy, but that it’s inaccurate shots can vary wildly off the mark, where most units will generally hit very close to the target even on a miss.

So, summarized, Archers hit the unit when they are closer more often because the “miss” rolls simply don’t have enough space to get around the target it’s trying to hit. Think of trying to kick a ball around a post and into a goal. Whether or not this is doable depends on how close to the post the ball is. It could be trivial or impossible. This is the same, except hitting the post, not the goal, is what you want.

Here’s a video that SOTL made a long time ago that might explain it better than I can. Or maybe not.


Every ranged unit has this angle on its stats. You can change it just like all the other unit stats - HP, attack, rof, accuracy etc. Usually this angle stat is inversely proportional to accuracy.

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Units have an “Accuracy Percent” and an “Attack Dispersion”. The accuracy percent determines whether the projectile flies straight towards the target. If not, the projectile flies in a different direction, with the distance away from the target that it’s allowed to land determined by the attack dispersion. These projectiles can still collide with and hit their target.


Guys, is KanyeTWest the T-West from YouTube? I remember seeing that name in his AoE:DE videos.


yes he is the youtuber.


That’s really cool. I discovered his channel last week and loved it especially since SotL has been silent for a week.


Ah, yeah that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation, and also to everyone else that responded!