How does "Prefer Random Civilization" option works?

I’m opening this thread to ask you guys/girls how this new function works. According to my understanding when you select this option you get in a match with another player who also choose to play random. But here’s the problem:

  • When I select this and the game connects (aka when the 1min countdown starts) I am able to still choose a civ (both in solo and team queues) and I asume the other player also has the chance to pick a civ in that time, so what’s the point of selecting this in the first place?
  • Also, if I am able to choose a civ until the last moment, what is the difference between selecting the “Prefer Random civ option” and just put “Random” in the civilizations red box?
  • Finally, even if I select this option, i get queue with other party members who had chosen a civ, so my random choice becomes irrelevant, because my team is already picking civs (some people even ask you to choose a civ and not play random), so I don’t see the point here either.

Does anyone else have these issues or please explain to me what am I doing wrong?


If all players in a match pick the “prefer random” option, then everyone will have random civ. (The civ pick does not enter into it.)

If not all players pick “prefer random”, they get the civ that they picked (or Random if they selected it in the civ selection).


It doesnt

Jokes aside i feel like DE recently implemented the Belarus patch where one person (one that has this option disables and picks civ) can decide the outcome of this Random civ vote

Ok now really jokes aside.
Its nuts, when 6 or 7 player want that everyone gets a random civ and the 8th player is like: Nope, i pick my civ, and gets to play it… Random civ option should be default value with all player getting random civs if 5 player have it enabled still

Now this raises an interesting questing, whether any kind of veto (eg also map bans) should exist in team games… I don’t really know. It depends on your philosophy of what a team games ladder should be like.

The random civ option could be fixed for team games fairly straightforwardly. Instead of only enabling it when everyone is in favour, just pair up players from opposing teams with the random civ option. Maybe 2 people from each team get random civs and 2 people from each team get their chosen civ, that way most people can be happy.

In my 1v1s I haven’t had the random civ option trigger nearly as often as I’d like. I think only a couple of games last month. It’s a pity, but I don’t see anything which can be done about it…

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No this is not how it works. Firstly, you get matched irrespective of that setting. After your opponent is selected the system checks if both have the random option on. If so it gives both players random, if not it gives both players their pick.

The difference is that when you select the regular random civ your opponent may still pick a civ when you go random. With the new random feature it’s either both players get random civ or no player gets random civ (unless one player has both random options selected).

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If you don’t happen to dislike the map and if you don’t already have it as your preferred option maybe put ara to that. I heard from quite a few people that it really works well and also I can confirm that (my games are like 70% random civ).

The forum has a policy against asking people for their ELO, with good reason, but I’m really curious at which ELO this is

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Never heard about that one…

I was thinking about this last night. Two options come to mind:

  1. You gain more ELO if you win going random, and dont lose as much if you lose (unless the other player was also random, then it’s the same.) This would incentivize players to chose random civ. This might break the calculations though, idk.

  2. Add yet another tab, for 1v1 random Arabia. In this tab you will que up as random civ on Arabia. This is honestly probably what most of the try-hard community want anyway, I know I do.

1500 . Might be true that it depends on elo, idk. What I wanted to point out, though, is the difference between the maps I play. Admittedly, since the preferred map option my ara play rate is pretty high but I still ended up playing quite some games on arena, for instance, and I almost never got random civ. Also I remember playing with cenotes as preference for one day and also not getting a lot of random civs. Weird enough because it’s so similarm to ara. Ofc, this is just my experience and not representative, at all, but somehow I got the feeling that random civ was super popular on ara while not so on other maps.