How does RoR have EVEN WORSE skirmish AI than AoE2:DE, and probably AoE1:DE?

Look, I get it, it’s a big expansion, I did not expect it to be perfect on launch. But at the very least, I thought that given a chance to create a completely new AI, the most known, repeatedly reported, glaring issues with the AoE2:DE and even 1:DE AI would be avoided, especially on the difficulty levels that will be most used (Easy/Moderate/Hard).

Instead, it’s even worse.

Just so you know, I once made several threads about all the easily reproducible, extremely common issues with AoE2:DE AI, here and on Steam. Here is one: Hard/Hardest AI is extremely inconsistent and has severe issues none have been fixed. If you’re not aware of those, read that first.

I just played my first 1v1 skirmish in RoR, map is literally called Inland and has a few patches of water, which obviously means you should focus 90% on land. The Moderate AI created the following number of land troops during the ENTIRE game:
1 clubman for scouting
5-10 bowmen?
1 chariot archer
a few priests who stood idly until directly attacked (screenshot 2)

What did it do instead? What it does on every mixed map in AoE2:DE, except 4 times more Monty Python-tier ridiculous. See screenshot 1. Look at the minimap too. I spent half of the game doing nothing else than chase villagers trying to build a 20th town center.

I have no words. I am genuinely pissed off. How did this get overlooked on the difficulty level that is likely to be most played? Did all the resources once again go to pander to the 1% of multiplayer tryhards, and next patch will also improve Extreme difficulty as a priority which is played by three Twitch streamers and a dog? This is just mind-blowing. I played a few skirmishes in AoE1: DE recently and it had moronic pathfinding, but genuinely 10x better macro.

Do not ask me for logs, replays or whatever, because I had given you plenty enough in the past. Tell me what you’ve done with those first.

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to answer your questions on behalf of WE and MS, yes and yes.

publicity seems to be the only thing they care about since thats what thye want with esport. to target this problem I’d recommend you post this on other social platforms, especially bug report doesnt seem to solve the issue after 2 patches (2-3 months or 3-4 months) after its been reported.

what they have done is take the last 5 months promoting xbox and ROR, nothing for really serious bug fixes.

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That’s exactly what it looks like to me, and I wonder if they have basic statistics that would tell them AoE2 is not, never has been, and never will be the Next Cool Esports Competitive Thing(C)(R)[TM](Like and subscribe), and they are ignoring most of their actual playerbase, from people who have been playing since Age of Kings days (hi) to a whole new generation of RTS players who want to be able to have fun before being forced into the ranked multiplayer bandwagon.

I started the Sargon campaign and it looks good, but I had been looking forward to simply playing the first RoR skirmish for MONTHS and just have fun with “AoE1 but with AoE2 mechanics”, and it was way below my “worst case scenario” expectations.


It’s not only skirmish mode.

I have recently replayed (before new upbreak) most of the original campaigns on hard and the AI is shit. It used to be much more challenging. I think it got worse sometimes during xbox upbreaks.

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in my case the “moderate” AI was exaggerated, they spammed military units, if it weren’t for the doors, they would have destroyed me :laughing::laughing::roll_eyes: Still, I thought the AI ​​would be similar to the 2 depending on the difficulty level, but it was disappointing. :weary:

I’ve seen this mentioned a lot on Steam, that on full-land maps the AI is actually ridiculously overbearing.

But this is also an existing issue in AoE2:DE, so basically we have the same here, x4 - on full-land maps the AI is annoying, spammy and unrealistic, on mixed maps it goes nuts when it sees a patch of water and sinks all its resources into navy.

Literally. The same. Issue. But made even worse.


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