How Elephant units perform?

In AOE2 DE Battle Elephants were nerfed because of how OP are in team games (Less attack and trample damage), but well here how War Elephants perform in team games and how much trample damage they deal, and if are balanced.

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Elephants must have that trample damage. They are expensive and slow, and we have to wait until the Iron Age (4) to train them. Unlike the Battle Ele that can be trained in Castle Age (3). Also, gold is scarcer and more valuable in AOEDE1.

I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with that. Elephants are still far too cheap in my opinion. In multiplayer the strategy is like this at the moment:
I running as fast as possible into the Iron Age and spamming elephants like ■■■■. This is incredibly boring, but unfortunately it seems to be the most efficient strategy. And we’re not even necessarily talking exclusively about melee units, but more importantly about elephant archers. These are mobile towers. That both units are a bit slower plays a minor role.
That’s why I have already suggested a few times:
Doubling the gold cost and reducing the HP.

Many greetings.

I think the real deal here is the trample damage (Blast radius of 2), don’t know how much trample damage they do, but the way on how kill villagers in few numbers is brutal.

In Age1 doesn’t exist trample damage. They make aoe damage.

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Still the same purpose I think.