How hard is Dynasties compared to other campaigns?

I’m almost done with my quest to beat every single player campaign on hard, and to get all achievements. Other than Dynasties of India, I only have 2 levels left (Jadwiga 4, and Hautevilles 3, both of which crash when I try to load a saved game :frowning: )

Anyway, I was curious as to opinions on how difficult hard in Dynasties are and the achievements in it, compared to the earlier levels - I’m really hoping there aren’t any crazy siege levels, or nutso achievements like Rome in a Day?

Haven’t completed Rajendra fully, but I personally think Babur is one of the best campaigns in the game, and Devapala is pretty easy. The achievement for the final level is a bit annoying, but it should be doable.

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The achievement for the second Rajendra mission is quite hard as the scenario isn’t giving you villagers in some instances where it should, so you might need to watch a youtube video for this one.

It’s not actually that hard. You just have to defeat one enemy, then make as many elephant archers and armored elephants as possible, and slowly push your way down the island. Time consuming, yes, but definitely possible.

the only mission I found semi-challenging is the “Sacred Waters” from Rajendra. As for the rest, I would say this DLC has below average difficulty missions. Easier than last one.

Oh and I guess Prithviraj 5 is semi-challenging too although I beat it drunk, you need to stone wall and be careful not to lose TCs.

Thanks for the insights guys, it doesn’t sound like there is anything too crazy - looking forward to tackling it on soon.

lol the last mission of rajendra is also a hell. That purple is so hard to beat and blue is always sending pop to you. I would say that Babur is an incredible campaign and Devapala is regular.

Devapala: very easy, ~ Longshanks
Rajendra: low-to-medium hard, not too bad if played to Dravidian’s strength ~ Hautevilles
Babur: hard easy (easy but on the harder end) ~ Slightly Harder than Tamerlane
Prithviraj: hard medium, deceptively hard especially the reworked last one. Really keep you busy now. ~ Ivaylo

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