How I Would Fix Civilization Categories

I know my suggestions aren’t perfect, but I think it’s a big step in the right direction. I’m sure some think its inconsequential, but I believe accurate categorizations make the game more accessible to new players when they are trying to figure out what their civ is good at.


Yes I think eventually the more civs will be added the more a similar system would be needed to find what you want quicker.

I think Berbers should be tagged as a camel civ instead of a naval one but whatever. It’s a civ without a specific focus, even cavalry is just because of one bonus.

I would add an “economical” tag or something similar, Italians could get that but mainly civs with a strong economic focus like Persians or Poles.

Other tags you could consider are “trash” (maybe another term) and maybe maybe “elite” to mean a civ with gold intensive units… Maybe “aggressive” as a counterpart of defensive could be added to for the likes of Goths, Cumans, Magyars and other raiding civs.

I find it very strange that the Chinese are considered an archer civ, as they have nothing going for them other than the UU and slightly cheaper upgrades, which applies to everything. Categorizing the Chinese as a “generalist” civ is a much more accurate label.


I feel like it’s unlikely they add the generalist category, but I really don’t know where else you can stick them without it. At least Italians could be a gunpowder civ… maybe if they rework the Great Wall UT they can pull off some sort of defensive label? The problem is that’s really not how they are played and no one is ever happy when the devs mess with Chinese.

I wonder how many combinations have yet to be used by a civ.

“Elephant & Gunpowder” is the only one that comes to mind.

12 choose 2 = 66 so there’s plenty of combinations left

I thought of a Siamese civ that would use that classification.


FU arbalest with cheaper upgrades + strong archer UU. And they lack hussar.

Many civs have that sort of thing.

All of their units have cheaper upgrades, so they’re able to do just about anything.

The Armenians have a strong archer UU and are not classified as an archer civ. They don’t even have Thumb Ring!

A lot of civs lack Hussar, but are still good generalist civs (e.g. Japanese and Portuguese).

I just compared Chinese to Koreans. Archers is often the best option for them.

And I dont think isolating the bonus for comparison is a good comparison. Overall, Chinese archers are good.

Yeah, but the Koreans have a significant discount and free armor upgrades, so they’re heavily incentivized towards them. Chinese archers don’t have anything uniquely special about them.

I won’t deny that they’re good. I’ve had great success with the civ when using them. However, I don’t think people would be as inclined to use them if they weren’t present in the civ label.

But if you rank Chinese archers, you will not find many civs better than it. If you rank Chinese cavalry, you will find a lot of civs better than it. That’s why I think that archer civ label is fair.

Yeah, but out of curiosity, what is it about them that makes it so?

Chinese archers are powerful in team games and often prefer ally to go cavalry instead. In 1v1, Chinese may use cavalry. But Chinese archers are still the best options for them.

So basically, their other options are fairly mediocre, which leaves archers as the main option they’re good at. I think I get it.

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Celts = Cav civ confirmed?

Really like the visual breakdown of the civs per category. I wonder if the large number of infantry civs are a result of the devs’ push to make infantry more viable?

There probably has been a good bit of juggling trying to make the civs unique, viable, and semi-historically accurate.

Also, interesting that the Scouts/Archer combo is so prevalent, but there are only a few civs actually considered as archer civs.

Probably a radar chart could be more accurate to see civs’ performance with different kind of units

A minor archer bonus has a far more drastic effect than bonuses to other unit lines. It would take an incredible buff to make infantry overpowered

This is an interesting idea. Maybe one can be made based on survivalists rankings