How if advancing age cost wood?

Feudal Age: 500F → 250W, 250F
Castle Age: 800F, 200G → 400W, 400F, 200G
Imperial Age: 1000F, 800G → 700W, 700F, 400G

If you have played Arabia and start fighting in the feudal Age, you will agree that scouts is really a heavy burden to advance to Castle Age. The trash unit in post Imperial Age is the most expensive unit in Feudal Age (But not really very strong). That is one of the reason why players would prefer archers in 1v1 game.
However, when you make more and more farms to satisfy the demand for making scouts and advancing age, you will then have too much food but shortage in wood. Besides, making too many bulky farms without the protection of TC in Feudal Age is very dangerous. It is one of the non ideal situation in the game.
That is the reason I suggest wood should also be costed in advancing Age.

On the other hand, the buildings are upgraded after age up. They have more HP and have a more luxury appearance. Don’t you think that it is wood costed?

You already pay Wood to get the building requirements to advance anyway (unless you pay Stone in the Castle Age), so unless you are Khmer, Aging Up already costs Wood.

You also need Wood for the vast majority of your Buildings, Farming, and quite a few units.

Water maps would be stuck at Feudal for a long time, if Age Ups cost Wood.

I do not like this idea at all. It would change everything, every single approach on every map, the whole game would be totally different. Small changes and balancing is always nice to see, but this would be an entirely new game.

Maybe for a single civ as their civ-bonus, but definetely not in general!


Yeah but no, that’s completely wrong. Scout builds let you click up to castle age significantly faster than archer builds, and for a variety of reasons.

  1. You don’t build a mining camp in dark age
  2. You only build a stable in early feudal instead of 2 ranges + blacksmith
  3. You invest into a lot of farms early instead of sending villagers to gold

Archer and maa builds are extremely taxing because they require you to switch to a third resource, gold. Scout and skirms builds are much more streamlined and set up a much stronger eco, which translate into faster castle times.

Thinking that archers means faster castle times “because you don’t spend food” is a common misconception at lower levels. It’s quite the opposite.


Agreed, gold is harder to get than food.
That’s why for only 200 gold you send 4 miners to gold at the end of Dark Age before clicking up (for a FC BO)

I have no idea how to reply on such a question…

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