How if bring AOE1 CLASSIC to steam?

Hi, AOE1 classic is best game ever. But look new AOE( I mean DE and return of Rome) they all dead game. And yes I get it in library but never touch. And look at the player AOE classic market in Vietnam and China. They still crowd so I want recommended for bring AOE classic to steam just balance same DE and return of Rome. Only balance because classic is best. They will buy it. And Rome +1 DE it fail of Microsoft:))

I don’t think they will bring it to Steam; they would feel that it is an unnecessary expense, although EA brought its collection of classic CNCs so who knows; maybe they sell it in a pack of classic AoE (AoE 1 Classic, AoE 2 HD, AoM EE and AoE 3 CC) and you also have the 25th anniversary pack (AoE 1,2,3 DE,4 and AoM Retold) it can be…

Command & Conquer™ The Ultimate Collection en Steam (

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In Vietnam only…no one in China plays it xD…and pretty much no one outside Vietnam plays it xD

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