How important is APM?

I just noticed that AOE4World clocks the APM of every player every game. I was surprised to find I’m only double digits. I feel like I’m moving as fast as I can lol. On the other end, pro players have like 400 apm. Most of my enemies are around 200, played against one with 300. I did notably feel overwhelmed by the 300 apm player, but I’ve been beating players with triple my APM and that kind of surprises me.

Is APM really that important? Beastyqt for example obviously has genuinely high APM, but he also is constantly spamming hotkeys and control groups in downtime for no apparent reason other than to fidget or boost his APM. Is it common for people to click and spam hotkeys excessively, and so the number isn’t really that reliable? Or am I actually beating 3x faster players with sheer knowledge or some other skill?


120 apm is more than enough

That’s the lowest apm I’ve seen associated with him. A few others I just checked were >300. Every game for Leenock is >300. Not that I’m trying to be pro.

Why do you say 120 is enough? And why is basically everyone I look at in Platinum over 150?

I thought you were an average player, if you want to become a conqueror or win tournaments, an average of 200 apm is fine.

Ok and what are people doing with those 120 or 200 actions? I don’t get what I’m missing at 70 apm. Shouldn’t a 200 apm player beat a 70 apm player?

use many control groups, micro in battles, accumulated orders and the use of the grid, in farms for example

Yea but I’m doing all that at 70 apm and beating enemies that are supposedly doing that at 200 apm. I’m not necessarily trying to be at 200 apm if I can still get wins with 70. I’m just trying to understand the difference. If it’s not APM that’s making the difference… idk, I’m not playing any OP strategies or getting lucky with leavers or anything.

Super high APM is very beneficial at the highest tiers. However, in lower leagues players constantly make so many mistakes that quality decisions matter much more than multitasking, especially in AoE4 where micro has been reduced. At the highest tiers you rarely see any major strategical mistakes so micro becomes much more important, hence high APM is required. So if you want to become a very good player you will be forced to increase your APM as especially in the mid and late game you will need to take care of multiple spots on the map at the same time. Note that there’s also players that try to increase their APM artifically in order to boost their egos or whatever.

Edit: I’ve just gone through your match history btw. Those 200-300 APM Gold league players just click around without knowing what to do. If someone has 200-300 APM and does not make it out of Gold/Platin he either is a very new player (e.g. coming from SC2) or has zero understanding of the game.

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It depends a lot.
One can have very high APM and be very inefficient with it and vice versa but it probably matters most at the very high level though.
I would say as long as you are using your hotkeys then what matters most is decision making and knowing when to attack, deffend, age up, etc. APM matters a lot more on the very high level, but its probably not as impactful as we think it is.

100APM go to conquerorIII often see it

Many of these constant high APM are because people keep the APM highs so they are warm for when they really need it.

This is the reason you can see beasty or other pros spamming hotkeys, and clicking in the same place over and over again when the game just have started and they have nothing to do despite train villagers and explore the map.

Keep in mind while having high APM is important when you look at some of the players like BeastyQ he’s also doing a ton of extra unnecessary clicks so when you remove those it’s less than 400 clicks per minute which are actually clicks that matter.

Yeah. You can’t operate at about 50-100 APM and then jump to 300-400 APM. So there are wasted clicks at the start of the game, but the number of these rapidly goes down.
APM matters a huge amount at the high level - because its how pros manage to micro 2-3 seperate engagements, and make units, and direct vils to new resources/buildings simultaneously. Which someone with say 100 APM just can’t do.

The reason say someone with 100 APM can beat someone with 200 APM is often that people who aren’t pro’s try to do this simultaneous stuff - but do it badly. The big clash happens and they are spending most of their APM making units, moving vils, trying to harass. While the 100 APM guy is just using 50 clicks to micro that 30 second fight. But if that results in a one-way massacre, they can then just go and win the game off the back of it.

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How can I check my APMs in AoE4 world? I’ve checked but I can’t find the way.

EDIT: I already found out how to check apms, you need to be logged in with steam. I am checking some of my games where I think I played better, and I see that I am between 110-130 APMs, and in some of these games I beaten players that were using near 200 APMs.

APM is not that important, what matters is how good your decision making is
the 120 apm is about max you actually need, 70 isn’t terrible, if you make better decisions in given situations, you win, thats how it works, if anything, high apm is a side effect of getting more and more in tune with the game’s controls, its naturaly going up bit by bit over time and you often don’t notice that happening


Effective APM (EPM) =/= APM registered. I highly doubt that a person’s EPM can go anywhere above 150 for this game, even for professionals.

When we’re in the zone, we have a habit of clicking multiple times. My APM hovers around 200, but I can guarantee you that I don’t get 200 actions done per minute.

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there are ofc only so many actions that are possible in a game

I haven’t played ranked games for a while, but when I did, I was in plat 2 for 2v2 with an APM in the low 30s. I never saw anyone with a lower APM than mine in any game I played.

With that APM, I can just about manage my base not that far off what a conqueror can do, but as soon as I have to do anything away from my base, that APM isn’t enough to optimally manage my base at the same time.

You can overcome an APM disadvantage with better decision ####### ### if everything else is equal, being able to do more things faster is always going to win.

if we talk 30 apm vs 100, definitely the case and it matches my experience, but 100 vs 300, not really, thats where its more about where you are with your camera, aka, decision making + situational awareness, if you have as much practice time as average pro, well, you’ll be able to anticipate what might happen based on minimal clues, took me few years to develop that sense for 2 and 3, not quite there yet for aoe4 as i’m not active enough

Ive seen people loosing their game, because they try to have super high APM, but in the end just click around with 0 sense, for absolutly nothing, and deleted the TC by accident ( Not only AOE )
Make good and smart move, not 1000 useless ones.

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